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April 13, 2005


Joseph Farah
Courts threatening national security

“More and more we see judges at all levels – county, state and federal – winging it, improvising, making up the rules as they go along, legislating from their own personal feelings, biases and gut instincts.”

Pat Buchanan
Fighting and winning the ‘judges war’

“The issue of judicial tyranny is on the table. And if the GOP, with majorities in both chambers of Congress and its man in the White House, does not dethrone it now, it never will.”

Phyllis Schlafly
Next we should starve the courts

“Non-elected judges have flagrantly abused the legislative and executive functions of government for so many years that we wonder why a reaction has taken this long.”

Michelle Malkin
Pandering to the crackpot left

“Immediately after the election, John Kerry avoided the deepest fever swamps of the crackpot Left. But Teresa's kooky pillow-talk has apparently taken effect.”

coverage: Michelle Malkin

Walter Williams
Stupid airport security, part 2

“Airline pilots going through security are searched and asked to empty their pockets, even though they wear photo identification tags and the TSA accepts the fact that they're indeed pilots. Here's my question: If a pilot wanted to fly a plane into a building, would he need a weapon to do so?”

Coverage: Michelle Malkin

John Stossel
The climate scare

“...when I discussed Michael Crichton's argument that we needn't worry about global warming, I didn't deny that warming was a ‘scientific reality.’...The earth has warmed about one degree in the past 100 years.”

Linda Chavez
The press shows its bias

“But what exactly is it that Tom DeLay is alleged to have done? After hundreds of hours of investigative work by the nation's biggest news organizations, the evidence of any actual ethical -- much less legal -- breach is pretty thin.”

Tony Blankley
Keep DeLay, or pay the price

“I understand why the Democrats are going after Tom DeLay. Snakes gotta slither, mosquitoes gotta bite, hyenas gotta laugh, and Democrats without a blooming idea in their heads gotta go negative.”

Rich Lowry
John Bolton, Multilateralist

“The outraged-at-Bolton caucus has a problem, which is that anything Bolton has said about the U.N. appears mild given recent U.N. malfeasance.”

Paul M. Weyrich
John Bolton: A Commitment to Freedom and Human Rights

“My opinion of the United Nations has never been very high but if there is any hope for this organization to recapture at least some of its purpose then Bolton can assist.”

Warren Throckmorton
Teach respect?

“Agree with gay rights or not, let’s understand this clearly: the purpose of the [Day Of Silence] is to advance a civil rights agenda in the public schools.”

Steve Farrell
There Is No Religious Neutrality

“There is no such thing as religious neutrality in the minds of those who support the secular, socialist state. They are at war with religion in general and Christianity in particular. They always have been.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 13, 2005 11:35 AM

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I have a post here http://objectivejustice.blogspot.com/2005/04/why-i-respect-delay.html that explains why a respect DeLay even though he is utterly wrong on the issue of the judiciary.

As much as I hate his politics, you got to give him credit for not pretending to be something he isn't.

Posted by: Sean Sirrine at April 14, 2005 04:48 PM

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