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April 14, 2005


Joseph Farah
Mexico's act of war

“What would you call it if a neighboring country used its military forces to escort illegal border crossers, including drug-runners, to border areas known to be less secure? I'd call it an act of war.”

William Rusher
‘Ahnold’ strikes again

“Naturally it was assumed that, having made his fortune in ridiculous movies, he knew nothing about politics, and wouldn't know the difference between an initiative and a garden-variety pass. Instead, he turned out to know all the moves (in politics, that is), and scared the hell out of the Democratic majorities in the Legislature...”

Benjamin Shapiro
Sharon leading Israel into civil war

“Disengagement is a far nicer term than surrender, but both provide the same incentives for Israel's Arab enemies: incentives to violence, terror and murder.”

Ann Coulter
It's only funny until someone loses a pie

“Fortunately for me, liberals not only argue like liberals, they also throw like girls.”

Coverage: Michelle Malkin, La Shawn Barber, Tim Blair

Cal Thomas
Israel’s big gamble

“So far, it is only Israel that has been doing the performing. The Palestinians have limited their performance to lip service and meaningless gestures.”

Helle Dale
Confirm Bolton; revamp U.N.

“...let's face it; tough love is better than no love at all. If the United Nations is to have any relevance in the future, it desperately needs two things: American leadership; and serious house cleaning.”

Robert Novak
Why Dodd fights Bolton

“It may be partially explained by tactical considerations. But the more significant reason is Sen. Christopher Dodd's long-range goal of normalized relations with Fidel Castro.”

Emmett Tyrrell
The anti-DeLay hordes

“If the press looks carefully, it will discover an abundance of solons employing family members. What the Democrats are doing is creating yet another double standard: What is impermissible for Republicans is not even mentioned when practiced by Democrats.”

Marvin Olasky
Patriotism amid shame

“Patriots Day -- the 230th anniversary of the ‘shot heard ’round the world’ -- is coming up next week, and after the Schiavo tragedy, some Christians and Jews are not thinking particularly patriotic thoughts.”

Kathleen Parker
Florida politics key to next presidency - again

“The nation's fourth-largest and perhaps most politically diverse state, Florida has replaced California as the new Petri dish.”

Ruben Navarrette Jr.
Forget preferences — educate

“...I am convinced that preferences hurt intended beneficiaries by lowering academic standards and masking deficiencies in the education given to Latinos and African-Americans at the K-12 level.”

Nat Hentoff
Polls distort Terri's life and death

“And how many Americans knew from the polls that her husband — who provided hearsay ‘evidence’ of her wishes, corroborated only by his brother and sister-in-law — has for years been living with another woman, with whom he has fathered two other children?”

George Will
Eugenics by abortion: Is perfection an entitlement?

“In Britain, more babies with Down syndrome are aborted than are allowed to be born. In America, more than 80 percent of the babies diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome are aborted. This is dismaying to, among others, the American Association of People with Disabilities, whose premise is that ‘disability is a natural part of the human experience.’”

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