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April 15, 2005


Rees Lloyd
Judicial voodoo vs. the cross

“Buono is a retired Forest Service employee who moved to Oregon, then asked to sue to destroy the cross. He claimed his Civil Rights are violated because he has to see the cross when he drives to California to visit.”

David Limbaugh
DeLay: Innuendo and ideology vs. hard evidence

“I believe the reason politicians like Charles Rangel, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are willing to condemn DeLay on the strength of the charges alone, is that their mindset is that he is inherently guilty by virtue of his ideology.”

 Joseph Farah
When ‘academic freedom’ fails

“...diversity is welcomed in academia as long as you don't disagree with what passes for conventional wisdom in the rarefied atmosphere of academia. Tolerance is the watchword, but tolerance is a one-way street for the pseudo-intellectual thugs on most campuses.”

Thomas Sowell
College admissions voodoo

“The cold fact is that objective admissions standards are seldom decisive at most colleges. The admissions process is so shot through with fads and unsubstantiated assumptions that it is more like voodoo than anything else.”

Jonah Goldberg
The darker side of quotas

“...when racial preferences are lifted, whites don't gain much, but Asian admissions jump through the roof. At the University of Texas-Austin, when preferences were removed, Asian freshmen jumped to 18 percent in a state where Asians comprise only 3 percent of the population.”

Brent Bozell
The V-chip is no magic pill

“There is no inter-network consistency in the ratings. There isn't even ratings consistency within each network. The TV ratings system is a perpetually broken promise, like a lemon car offered to the buyer as a souped-up sports coupe.”

Chuck Colson
Unheard voices

“Only if the three billion people living on less than three dollars a day are able to be assured of their economic well-being can they then think about their responsibility to the rest of creation.”

Rich Lowry
Go ahead, be repressed

“The counselors have the best of intentions, but whenever such a tragedy strikes, it brings to mind an old New Yorker cartoon. Two cowboys look at something in the distance. ‘Hard to tell from here,’ one of them comments. ‘Could be buzzards, could be grief counselors.’”

Dan Abrams
Cost of protecting judges competes with pork

“This week, Congress is busy divvying up about $80 billion in emergency funds— most of it is going to Iraq and Afghanistan. But buried in there, beneath various pork projects, is a $12 million request from Chief Justice William Rehnquist to pay for surveillance and security systems in federal judges' homes.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 15, 2005 11:02 AM

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