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April 13, 2005

Gaddy and Boyd smell worse each day

WorldNetDaily is finally reporting that fact that Beth Gaddy has ordered the UAB medical center to prevent Mae Magouirk's bother, sister and nephew from visiting her. They also have quotes from Mae's brother, A. B. McLeod, who so far has allowed his nephew, Ken Mullinax, to speak for the family.

"We're just flabbergasted," McLeod told WorldNetDaily. "We don't know what to think. Why not let me see her? What's the big deal?"

McLeod spent Monday trying to determine the origin of the order "that's keeping me from seeing my sister, because I'm Mae's closest living kin – me and my sister, Lonnie Ruth."...

"It's got to be Beth, because she's the only one to do it," said McLeod. "We don't think that [the order] is legal in Georgia or Alabama, but right now it is a barrier. Right now it's stopping us from seeing her."

Yesterday, McLeod finally learned through his attorneys that Gaddy had indeed given verbal instructions to the staff at UAB to deny him, his sister Lonnie Ruth, or his nephew Kenneth Mullinax, 45, of Birmingham, permission to visit their sister and aunt.

Moreover, the hospital staff is forbidden to give them any information about Magouirk's condition. Even her physician, cardiologist Dr. Raed Aqel, who is also treating Ruth Mullinax's aortic dissection and is McLeod's physician as well, cannot reveal how their sister is faring since her admission to UAB.

Several question were also answered in the WND article. Did Judge Boyd know of Gaddy's intention to euthanize her grandmother?

According to documents filed with the court, Gaddy was very explicit in her reasons for wanting Magouirk placed in a hospice. In a petition objecting to Gaddy's April 1 request for full guardianship, McLeod quoted remarks Gaddy allegedly made to him and Kenneth Mullinax when Magouirk was in the intensive care unit at the hospital, before her transfer to hospice on March 22. Gaddy said, according to McLeod in his court petition:

(a) "Uncle Buddy, before you and Kenny try to get Grandmamma to UAB to get well, I want you to know that I am in charge now, it's totally up to me because I hold the medical power of attorney and Grandmamma has suffered to [sic] much and I want her to stay here in LaGrange."

(b) "I don't care if they are the best doctors in the whole world. I have prayed about this and God has told me that Grandmamma is ready to go home with Jesus and Granddaddy. Since I hold the medical power to do this, it is my decision and I want her to go to hospice. Her heart is now bad and she has glaucoma and blood clots. Grandmamma told me she wants to go home and I feel that means that she wants to die so I want her to go to Hospice. I promise y'all I won't withhold anything Grandmamma needs."

(c) "Grandmamma is ready to go to heaven and Jesus has told her this so Grandmamma will stay here at the Hospice and I will make sure she gets good heart medicine and care here and that she is given food and water."

Since this is part of the case filed with Boyd's court --he had to have known Gaddy's intentions as well as the rest of the family's objections, yet he allowed Gaddy to retain medical authority, and continues to allow it in spite of her disregard of the court order he issued.

Commenting on Gaddy's refusal to allow Mae's brother and sister to visit Boyd told the Birmingham News that Gaddy would be within her rights as guardian to prevent visitors from seeing Magouirk. "If she thought it would upset Mrs. Magouirk, she had every right." There's no word about whether Boyd is even aware that Gaddy ignored his court order, apparently Boyd's concern over the matter is limited to press releases designed to make him look good, rather than the welfare of Mae Magouirk.

Another aspect I find disturbing is that in the court filing A.B. McLeod claimed that Mae Magouirk told him, “Buddy, I have discovered that Beth is writing unauthorized checks on my account. I just can't trust her anymore at all. Would you please get with me and tell me what I need to do to have her removed from doing this. Also, I want to replace Beth and appoint you to have my power of attorney and to act on my behalf if I get sick.”

Mae's sister Lonnie Mullinax claimed that Mae told her, “Lonnie, I'm scared Beth is stealing money from my checking account. I have told Buddy already and ask [sic] him to please help me remove her from being able to do it. If you feel it's OK, I want to appoint Buddy as my guardian.”

Mae's nephew Ken Mullinax claimed that Mae told him, “Kenny, Beth is trying to make me give my car to Pat [Beth's mother] and I don't want to do this because I need it so my woman (her daily housekeeper) can take me to the beauty shop and my appointments. I told her no but she keeps bothering me about it and she's now treating me real mean. Charlie (Mae's deceased husband) and I bought Pat the house she lives in and even pay the property taxes on it. I would think that is enough but now this. What should I do?”

Also of interest is the run down of Mae's personal assets, totaling more than $120,000, which Beth and her brother stand to inherit if Mae dies.

While taking the time to schmooze his image with the press and bloggers, Judge Boyd has yet to cite Beth Gaddy for directly and intentionally disobeying his court order. Action speak much louder than words.

Ken Mullinax has emailed bloggers to let them know Beth's latest outrage. He requested, through his attorney, as to why she was denying them visitation.

Attorney Daniels, speaking for Beth Gaddy, told our attorney, Jack Kirby yesterday that Beth would be willing to allow us access to Mae Magouirk, if and only if

"Kenny would not give another media interview or speak to another blogger or do anything, either passive or proactive, which will give information or shed public attention to the case of Mae Magouirk."

In other words, if he agreed to hamstring himself in regards to his most effective means of keeping his aunt alive -- he could visit her. It almost sounds like she's trying to make sure she looks as evil as can be. Well, it's working.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at April 13, 2005 11:29 AM

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