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April 08, 2005

Governors gone wild

From LifeNews:

A bill that would allow a conscience clause for pharmacists to opt out of being involved with abortion drugs received the final go-ahead from the state legislature Wednesday. The measure now heads to Governor Janet Napolitano, who will likely veto it.

The state Senate voted 17-11 in favor of the bill Wednesday and the state House approved it 35-24 in February.

The measure would provide protection for pharmacists who don't want to dispense abortion drugs and worry about losing their jobs. It covers the sometimes-abortifacient morning after pill and would cover the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug as well.

Illinois governor Blagojevich has already been playing this game as I reported Tuesday, except he issued an executive order. In Illinois, pharmacists who object to dispensing RU-486 plan to ignore the governor's order. The Arizona bill would clarify the law. Currently it is unclear whether pharmacists in Arizona can refuse to dispense RU-486, but doctors as well as hospitals are allowed to refuse to perform abortions. RU-486 is the drug developed in Europe that causes an abortion. Several women in Europe and in the US have died from taking it. Abortion supporters often fail to warn people of the serious dangers involved in taking the drug.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 8, 2005 02:57 PM

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