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April 18, 2005

Lonnie Mullinax goes home from hospital

Teknosis reports on an email from Ken Mullinax, but gets mixed up about who he's talking about:

Mom is getting out of the hospital today!
I am on my way to pick her up now. She has been there a week and a half.
Last evening, Aunt Mae was asking for ice cream...rocky road specifically. She still is a day or so away from even mushy foods...we thought she would begin them yesterday but a flap is still not working correctly says a physician (which would keep her from choking) so we will wait.
Every day she improves more...her vitals are fabulous...she knows her name/birthdate/all types of data...she is still very tired and sleepy...both from her ordeal of having no real nourishment/fluids and from the bushels of narcotics which were pumped into her...but her personality has emerged...she is smiling/pointing and telling us what to do.
None of this wouldn't have come to be if it were not for Terri's friends, talk radio and a loving and omnipotent Christ.

Mae Magouirk has no living children, so obviously this is referring to Ken's mother Lonnie.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 18, 2005 02:12 PM

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