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April 11, 2005

Mae Magouirk: updated timeline and commentary

This is a updated timeline.

March 13 -- Mae Magourik is hospitalized with a dissected aorta. A condition both her brother and sister have, whch, in their case, has been succesfully treated without surgery. Due to pain she was unable to eat, and was offered no alternative nourishment.

March 22 -- Mae Magouirk's granddaughter, Beth Gaddy, claiming to have medical power of attorney, transferred her to a Hospice, and order no food or water for her grandmother. Some relatives hand-fed her ice chips, Jello and limited water via a syringe.

March 31 -- Mae's sister, Ruth Mullinax and her brother, A.B. McLeod, called the hospice to notify them that only they legally had medical power of attorney, and ordered the Hospice to privide her with nourishment, but the Hospice only began an IV, and did not insert a feeding tube.

April 1 -- Mae's nephew Ken Mullinax and A.B. McLeod showed up at the hospice to meet with the in-house legal counsel, Carol Todd and arrange emergency air transport for Mae Magouirk's transfer to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center. The Hospice-LaGrange stalled them while Beth Gaddy went before Troup County Georgia (LaGrange, Ga.) Probate Judge Donald W. Boyd (who does not hold a law degree) who granted Beth Gaddy emergency guardianship of Mae Magouirk, giving Beth Gaddy full and absolute authority. Judge Boyd's comment imply that he was unaware that Mae was being denied nourishment. Gaddy, ordered the IV removed.

April 4 -- Family members appeared before Judge Boyd. Ignoring most of the family except Gaddy, Boyd ordered that Drs. Aqel, Gore and Brennan should evaluate Mae Magouirk's condition “within 24 hours or as soon a possible” to determine of she would survive a transfer to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center (One of the top cardiovascular centers in the USA). That was Monday, Mae was finally examined on Thurday, but the decision was withheld until Saturday. Boyd allowed Gaddy to retain authority over Mae's medical care but also ordered Gaddy to ensure that Mae was “adequately fed, clothed, sheltered and cared for, and receives all necessary medical attention, including placement in a nursing home, if appropriate” Gaddy ignored the Judge's order, left her in the Hospice and continued to authorize the murder of her grandmother.

April 9 -- After the doctors finally submitted their report to Judge Boyd (five days after the judge had ordered it) at about 3pm Eastern time, Mae was air-lifted to the Universtiy of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center. Doctors found her to be severely dehydrated, and began immediate, intensive rehydration therapy.

Gaddy refuses to respond to those reporting.

Judge Boyd contends that he was told Mae was receiving food and water, and the family was getting along fine. He also is said to have agreed to pass along a request to Gaddy for her side of the story.

Ken Mullinax (Mae's nephew) claimed “the Judge would barely allow our attorney, Jack Kirby, to speak and would not even allow our attorney to cross examine Mae Magourik's attending Physician, Dr. Stout, so as to ask the doctor if he would agree that there are alternative treatments to a dissected aorta which are not surgery (my Mom has had the same condition of a dissected aorta as her sister Mae and we know that Mae CAN BE successfully treated without surgery) but Probate Judge Boyd WOULD NOT allow our attorney to ask that question. Even though Beth Gaddy's forces state that the dissected aorta is the major reason they put her in Hospice.”

While Gaddy, as well as her supporters are trying to portray her as a loving and doting granddaughter, she has yet to demonstrate that. She did fight to have her grandmother euthanized. She still looks like a Michael Schiavo wanna be.

Judge Boyd has been bending over backward to keep himself from being compared to the infamous Judge Greer of Pinellas County Florida. To his credit he is communicating with bloggers to make sure his version of the story gets out. The problem is his version doesn't exactly chime with the known facts. It's his job the get all the facts, yet he obviously was oblivious to many details in the case, and as Mae's nephew has said, gave the impression that he had no interest in hearing the details. He claims that the “family” reached a compromise, but the family members wanting Mae to live were left with the certain impression that the Judge would allow Gaddy to euthanize their aunt, therefore agreed to the compromise reluctantly.

Boyd's duty to get all the facts aside, it is obvious that others (Gaddy and her attorney as well as the Hospice) intentionally withheld information and knowingly conveyed false information to the judge. That kind of behavior should be unacceptable. Judges should not be allow to hide behind ignorance, when A. it is their duty to ensure they have the facts by listening to all sides and B. they have the power to enforce a full disclosure of the facts via a contempt citation.

If Judge Boyd wants to make it clear he is not another “Greer monster” he will charge Beth Gaddy with contempt of court. Jeb Bush allowed Greer to violate Florida state law because he was afraid of a contempt citation. Beth Gaddy knowingly and intentionally defied what we are told was the court's order to provide Mae Maqouirk with proper nourishment. Mae's condition upon arriving at the ABMC is more than proof of that.

Well, Judge Boyd....we're waiting.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at April 11, 2005 08:57 AM

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Tracked on April 11, 2005 02:01 PM


I'm very glad that Miss Mae will now receive treatment. Mr. Mullinax may have shaded the facts a bit to get attention but I guess since a helpless woman's life was at stake, I can forgive him that. I have to wonder just why the "loving" grand daughter has guards posted at grandma's door to keep her blood relatives out. I think she is another Michael Schiavo. Judge Boyd should remove the evil Mrs. Gaddy as guardiian since it seems quite obvious that she does not care about her granny. I suspect what she wants if grandma's assets. Kind. loving people do not try to kill their elderly relatives. I think the hospice and the doctor who put Mae there need to be investigated. Is this the fix for the social security problem? Kill off the old folks?

Posted by: Pattie7242 at April 11, 2005 08:52 PM

Mae was obviously circling the drain with her heart condition, which by the way, was exceptionally serious (and not some trivial matter). Now that she has died...after having her life prolonged for two whole months, are y'all going to advocate force feeding and force hydrating all old sick people?

Please, get your noses out of our lives and stick them back where they belong. It's not your call to make.

Posted by: Sarah Van at May 17, 2005 07:59 PM

Mae was obviously circling the drain with her heart condition, which by the way, was exceptionally serious (and not some trivial matter).

This would be the heart condition that both her brother and sister have lived with for quite some time, right. It hasn't seemed to have killed them, but then they don't have someone trying to hasten their death, so they can inherit half a million dollars, do they.

 Now that she has died...after having her life prolonged for two whole months, are y'all going to advocate force feeding and force hydrating all old sick people?

As long as you Nazis keep trying to kill off the infirm, we'll be fighting you.

Please, get your noses out of our lives and stick them back where they belong. It's not your call to make.

Yes it is. When Nazis like you try to kill old or handicapped people it's the duty of moral people to stop you.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at May 18, 2005 11:53 AM

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