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April 28, 2005

Mae Magouirk update

From Ken Mullinax via Teknosis

Subject: New Alert for Mae Magouirk April 27


WE NOW HAVE A NEW HURDLE AND WE MUST INSURE THAT Dr. Robert Stout, (the doctor who was the proponent of placing Mae Magouirk in Hospice-LaGrange, Ga. and not ensuring that she receive a feeding tube/IV fluids since she was unable to feed herself WITHOUT HER BEING TERMINAL, comatose or vegetative and who ignored the provisions of Mae's Living Will)
stay away from her when she returns to Georgia!!!!!

(Remember, the 3-doctor panel evaluated my Aunt Mae ( AFTER Dr. Stout sent her to Hospice to die) and these doctors deemed her fine to receive treatment for her aorta and that she WAS NOT terminal therefore we are not pleased with Dr. Stout's recommendation of diagnosis/prognosis of my Aunt.)

My Aunt may be moved back to Georgia soon (an OK move and Dr. Aqel "my Doctor" has mandated no Hospice and he must approve the hospital and regimen of care) to a hospital near her home and it is our intent that Dr. Robert Stout be in NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH GIVING medical CARE TO Mae Magouirk.

Please help us contact Dr. Robert Stout (in a respectful manner) and convey to him that THE WORLD IS WATCHING HIM and that because of his past actions, it would best if he (Dr. Robert Stout)  stay away from Mae Magouirk's care and thus disassociate himself with her medical care in ANY AND ALL WAYS.

I am afraid Beth Gaddy will try to associate him in my Aunt Mae's medical care BEHIND OUR BACK. 

Mae's condition is GREAT...My aunt is well today; sitting up in a chair; eating food; her aortic dissection is now contained; she is neurologically intact yet it will take 2 more weeks of hospital care and another month or two of nursing home care BEFORE she is totally able to be independent and be responsible for herself again (because of ALL the morphine and malnourishment.)


God bless you and thanks again for saving Mae!

Call him Today or write him (please be respectful) and leave him as many messages as you feel appropriate (forward this request to the friends of life/to media that supports our cause, call it in to our radio friends and to anyone who will help us) and let Dr. Stout know that the world is watching him and we know what he did in her case and he should stay away from Mae Magouirk!!!

God Bless you....Dr. Robert Stout's phone and address is below:

County Medical Societies of Georgia
Troup County
Officers & Contact Information:
President: Joseph M. Almand, Jr., M.D.
1550 Doctors Drive
La Grange, GA 30240-4140

Treasurer: Robert M. Stout, M.D.
301 Medical Dr.
La Grange, GA 30240-4144

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 28, 2005 10:37 AM

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I am not sure why your aunt Mae cannot speak for herself at this time and choose her own doctor. Also, is she aware of what Beth Gaddy tried to do to her? Is there a good care giver she could employ in LaGrange? Just an idea. I really wish her the best and have told many people about her plight. She convinced me that my medical POA should not go to anyone who would benefit financilly from my death.

Posted by: Pattie7242 at May 2, 2005 08:21 PM

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