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April 19, 2005

Minutemen success

The Minuteman Project has been such a success the leaders are planning on extending and expanding it. From WorldNetDaily:

The Minuteman Project in Arizona announced yesterday it will expand its operations, putting pressure on employers of illegals and setting up civilian border watches in four states.

Project spokesman Grey Deacon told WorldNetDaily the operation has been flooded with calls and e-mails from thousands of citizens across the country volunteering to serve.

Is it irony or good timing that this comes on the 230th anniversary of the efforts of Minutemen in Massachusetts to fight for the independence of America?

In spite of the MSM's distortions that the Minutemen are inadequate, ill-prepared and ineffective, the US Border Patrol Union Local 254, which covers the Tucson are of the border has publicly supported the Minutemen Project.

“We want to make it clear – because we've had a lot of questions about this – we have not had one single complaint from a rank-and-file agent in this sector about the Minutemen,” says a statement on the site. “Every report we've received indicates these people are very supportive of the rank-and-file agents; they're courteous. Many of them are retired firefighters, cops, and other professionals, and they're not causing us any problems whatsoever.”

In fact the local union blames ACLU “observers” for setting off the ground sensors that the MSM falsely reported were set off by Minutemen volunteers. This would be the same ACLU representatives photographed by Minutemen volunteers, smoking marijuana. Other witnesses said they could smell the pot the ACLU reps were smoking.

One eyewitness reported:

The ACLU is getting desperate to get something on the Minutemen and are trying to provoke incidents now. They pushed one of the Minutemen the other night trying to get him to push back. Didn’t work. Then last night they walked up and shined a spotlight right in a Minuteman’s face from six inches or so away. Didn’t work that time either. We immediately report these types of contacts with them to the Sheriff to counter any claims they try to make against us. They should be called the UCLU (Un-American Civil Lawsuit Union)

They give us the middle finger every chance they get to try to get us to react. We are still trying to figure out if that is their age or IQ.

I'm guessing, IQ.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 19, 2005 10:16 AM

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