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April 16, 2005

My Sites, religious

Since it's Saturday and generally a slow news day I thought I'd post about my various sites. You may have noticed them to the left under “My Links” which I should have labeled “My Sites” but I didn't and haven't gotten around to changing it.


I got the domain NeedsYourPrayers.com after a member of our church suffered brain damage and became incapacitated. I wanted to see if I could get a domain that would allow not just that family but others to have a place on the internet to communicate with people. Well, it turned out they had a relative that already set them a place up, but I hung on to the domain and the only active part is this one. I compiled lists of the people in the four branches of the government: Executive, Judicial, Legislative and Media (Okay, the Media isn't technically a part of the government, but they are just as powerful and therefore deserving of just as much prayer)

The purpose is as a prayer list for people to pray for America. By the way, if there are any Canadians, Australians, Brits or any other nationality that want to use the root domain NeedsYourPrayer.com to make a list of national leaders in your nation, let me know.


While there are several really good searchable study Bibles online, as well as many that can be downloaded and run on your computer, there were none that I could find at the time that allowed one to install it on your own web site. I could see tons of websites that would link to CrossWalk.com or the BlueLetterBible or any of the other really good sites that offered a Bible search, but that left the visitors at that site being led off to another site. So, I decided to create one.

Since then I've found others that also offer similar packages, and I have them linked from the main phpBible page. I still like mine better.



My wife is extremely computer illiterate. She's learning, but she still doesn't get computers unless there are some simple instructions for her to follow. She also enjoys listening to a number of radio programs that come on while she is at work.

So I made a way for her to listen to her programs whenever she wanted to, in a very easy to use layout. I designed radioJesus.com with her in mind, but also so others could use it. There's a selection of ministries in the drop down list, and a javascript enabled real audio player embedded into the page that mimics the feel and functionality of the older real player (before they decided to put form over function). What she really likes is on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) the 5 weekday programs for the ministry are played back to back. She's listening to a weeks worth or R.C. Sproul right now.

Later I'll go over the educational sites I've developed.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 16, 2005 01:38 PM

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