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April 13, 2005

Pedophiles for Choice

From LifeNews:

Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline continues to defend his agency's investigation into two abortion facilities that performed abortions on children who were apparently victims of statutory rape. Kline has been fighting the abortion businesses in court to obtain records concerning the abortions.

Abortion advocates have taken on a national campaign to criticized Kline and Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter, who is conducting a similar investigation of abortion on minors there.

However, Kline, in a letter to the Kansan newspaper, defends his actions.

"Child rape is a serious crime, and when a 10-year-old is pregnant, she has been raped under Kansas law," he wrote. "As the state's chief law enforcement official, I have a duty to investigate in order to protect Kansas children."

While abortion advocates claim Kline's request for records would violate the privacy rights of the girls involve, he says his investigation was secret until media outlets and the abortion businesses ballooned the story.

"This inquiry has been ongoing for over a year and, until two abortion clinics sought to make public this criminal investigation, was conducted in private so as to protect the identities of innocent individuals and the integrity of the investigation," Kline explained.

When you're dealing with people who make their living murdering the innocent, you shouldn't expect them to play fair, nor have any respect for people or the law. They're ghouls, plain and simple.

For example in another story from LifeNews the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is continuing the suspension of abortionist Krishna Rajanna's medical license. The agency temporarily suspended his license in March after inspectors found a rodent in the facility and open containers of medical waste. Rajanna told the board earlier this month that the problems have been corrected, but, hearing officer Nancy Welsh, a doctor, decided his license should be suspended 30 more days so the full board could look into his case.

Rajanna's problems were first reported to the agency in 2003 when an employee at the abortion facility witnessed firsthand the lack of safe medical procedures at the abortion facility where she worked, including the use of dishwashers as sterilizers, lack of background checks and medical training for medical assistants, lack of such simple procedures as cleaning the table between abortions or monitoring vital signs of patients during or after the abortions, and the storage of aborted children placed in the same refrigerator as food. In comments to a state legislative committee, she said that all medical waste, including bio-hazardous and contaminated was taken to Rajanna's home and placed on the curb at his home for residential pickup.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 13, 2005 11:26 AM

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