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April 05, 2005

The Networks still don't get it

NewsMax is reporting a herd of new television shows the dimwits at the major networks are pushing to try to cash in on the apparent role faith plays in the lives of so many Americans. The trouble is, as usual, the Networks are so clueless and out of touch with real people, the shows they are offering are insulting to people of faith.

Take NBC's Revelations. An eerie mix of Swartzenegger's End of Days and the old Omen movies -- neither of which appealed to people of faith. But they did have an appeal among the stragglers of the various faiths. Those who have a passing interest in religion, more for the spectacular than for any sincere reason. They would hardly be the audience the networks are claiming to target.

Then there's NBC's proposal for “The Book of Daniel”

According to NBC's promotional materials, its pilot drama depicts Jesus as a "contemporary, cool" figure who appears as a personal confidant to an Episcopal minister named Daniel Webster (Aidan Quinn), who in turn is wrestling with family issues and a dependence on prescription pills.

Since there's absolutely no mention of the show on the NBC site, anywhere, they obviously figured out that it wasn't going to go over very well.

Fox is jumping on the stupid wagon with Briar & Graves:

Elizabeth Rohm and Charles Mesure are set to topline Fox's "Briar & Graves." Mesure will play a hard-living priest who partners with a female doctor (Rohm) to investigate unexplained religious phenomena.

Hmm. “pill-popping”, “hard-living” seems like a trend.

Shows like this would be appealing to people of faith about as much as a minstrel show would be to your average Black American. In other words, they mock religion.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 5, 2005 09:36 AM

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I don't think Briar and Graves is in Fox's fall line up.

Posted by: Ronda at August 19, 2005 09:04 PM

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