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April 01, 2005

Today's blog roundup

Links marked with an asterisk (*) are ones I found particularly good.

Sandy Burger pleads guilty, well, sort of: La Shawn Barber, Captain's Quarters (also here), Blogs for Bush, Jawa Report, WizBang, Michelle Malkin (also here), Outside the Beltway, Ace of Spades, Stones Cry Out, Smarter Cop, Pardon My English, Myopic Zeal, In the Bullpen, Argghhh!

Jane Fonda repents, well, sort of: Jawa Report, Original Musings

Pope John Paul: Dean's World, Captain's Quarters, Blogs for Bush, Jawa Report, WizBang, Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway (also here), IndePundit, Blogs for Terri (also here), Ace of Spades, HyScience (also here), What Attitude Problem, Cait's Oz Blog, Stones Cry Out (also here), ProLifeBlogs, Smarter Cop, Insight Scoop (also here)

WMD report: Dean's World, Indepundit, insignificant thoughts

Klugman's lunacy: Captain's Quarters

Stupid Liberals: Captain's Quarters, Blogs for Bush, Right Wing News

Romanian Hostages: Jawa Report

Palestinians and Terrorism: Jawa Report

Ted Koppel to leave Nightline: WizBang, Outside the Beltway, What Attitude Problem

Terri Schiavo: Michelle Malkin (also here), bLogicus, HyScience, What Attitude Problem, Cait's Oz Blog (also here*), Broken Masterpieces, BatesLine (also here), Stones Cry Out*, ProLifeBlogs, Barbarians at the Gate, Wittenberg Gate (also here), Media Culpa, insignificant thoughts*, Insight Scoop

Judicial Tyranny: Pajama Hadin

BioEthics: What Attitude Problem

MemoGate II: Michelle Malkin

Black holes: Outside the Beltway, Ace of Spades
    (My interest in this stems from the continuing lesson I give my kids over the difference between real science and hopeful speculation. Much of what is offered as “scientific fact” by “scientists” and therefore accepted fully by the MSM, is nothing more than wild guesses, based on absolutely no evidence.)

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 1, 2005 10:14 AM

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» Pope is dead from Don Singleton
The Pope will soon go Home to be with Christ. I have an elaborate post on my blog about him which I posted when Fox died. Rather than deleting it when they said he was still alive, I left it and updated it. I will update it again when he passes on. [Read More]

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