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April 30, 2005

Two hour stand off ends with surrender of loaded burrito

Clovis, New Mexico police snipers awaited atop nearby rooftops during a tense stand off between police and a student armed with a fully-automatic 30-inch burrito, equipped with steak, guacamole, lettuce, salsa and jalapenos and wrapped inside tin foil and a white T-shirt.

In the meantime, more than 30 parents, alerted by a radio report, descended on the school. Visibly shaken, they gathered around in a semi-circle, straining their necks, awaiting news.

"There needs to be security before the kids walk through the door," said Heather Black, whose son attends the school.

It would have been presumed that the school's zero-tolerance policy for weapons and therefore weapon-like, food substances would have prevented such a dangerous situation.

The burrito was part of [eighth-grader Michael] Morrissey's extra-credit assignment to create commercial advertising for a product.

"We had to make up a product and it could have been anything. I made up a restaurant that specialized in oddly large burritos," Morrissey said.

After students heard the description of what police were looking for, he and his friends began to make the connection. He then took the burrito to the office.

Fortunately the situation ended with no injuries, deaths or indigestion.

Coverage: Outside the Beltway

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 30, 2005 09:26 AM

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