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April 20, 2005

UPDATE: Mae Magouirk

I've not called Ken Mullinax since last week, not wanting to pester him, since most of the latest events seems to surface on other sources. WorldNetDaily is now reporting that Mae is not only growing stronger, her vital signs are “very good,” her blood pressure is normal, and the aortic dissection is contained. Ken is saying that she's smiling and laughing but still speaks in a whisper because of the nasal feeding tube. Earlier reports said that the severe dehydration she suffered also left her with a sore throat.

She's anxious for the feeding tube to be removed and to begin eating real food again. Ken said he asked her:

"What is the first real food you'd like, Aunt Mae?"

"And she whispered, 'I want a really good chicken sandwich with lots of mayonnaise.'"

And not just any kind of chicken sandwich, Mullinax explained. "It's got to be a fried chicken filet."

"That was on Sunday," he noted. "On Monday she asked for ice cream."

While she's growing stronger, she's still very weak from the lengthy attempt at euthanizing her by starvation and dehydration.

"She's got a long ways to go because they kept food, water, everything away from her for so many days," Ruth Mullinax told WND. "But she is communicating."

"It's such a miracle that she communicated with us," she exclaimed. "Sister knew who we [she and Ken] were. We asked her her name and she told us. And she said she wanted ice cream. She communicated. The Lord has blessed us."

In a twist of cruel irony, while the Mullinax/McLeod side of the family keeps all information about what happened away from Mae, lest it aggravate her condition, Mae's granddaughter who tried to kill her visits when they aren't there, and there's no way of knowing what's being said. Of Mae's three grandchildren, Shane, 36, is the only one apparently still on speaking terms with the Mullinax/McLeod side of the family.

The rift between herself Ruth Mullinax, her brother and son on the one hand, and her sister's granddaughter on the other has hurt her deeply. She says she has no idea why Gaddy decided to place Magouirk in a hospice with orders denying her food and water....

Ken Mullinax was wheeling her to Magouirk's room, just as Gaddy and another granddaughter were leaving. He describes his cousin's departure as "bolting from the room."

His mother found it perplexing.

"I love her. I still love her," she says. "I don't like what she did [to Magouirk], but I love her. And as we were going into Sister's room, Beth and her sister, Kim, were going out. I yelled at her, I said, 'Beth, Beth,' but she didn't turn around to acknowledge me or anything. They just continued to walk."

"I wasn't going to be rude to them," Ruth Mullinax continued. "I was just going to hug their necks. I love them – I just don't like what she did. I just don't understand it."

If Beth Gaddy, 41, was willing to euthanize her grandmother before, we can only speculate what she would be telling her behind closed doors, now that it's obvious she will survive the attempt.

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 20, 2005 10:37 AM

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Mae may want fried chicken and ice cream, though I would recommend more fresh fruit to restore hydration instead of mostly fatty acids and amino acids which can be diuretic.

...but at least she isn't a vegan, some poor souls never recover from that. ;-)

Posted by: Rev. Thomas Scott Painter R-FL sov. at April 20, 2005 01:24 PM

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