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April 05, 2005

Volunteers annoy government workers

From Wired News:

Volunteers who have converged on the Mexican border to watch for illegal immigrants are disrupting U.S. Border Patrol operations by unwittingly tripping sensors that alert agents to possible intruders, agency officials complained Monday.

Scores of participants in the Minuteman Project began assembling late last week and clusters of volunteers began regular patrols Monday, in an exercise some law enforcement authorities and civil rights groups fear will result in vigilante violence. Many of the volunteers were recruited over the Internet, and some planned to be armed.

Over the past few days, they have set off sensors, forcing agents to respond to false alarms, said Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Jose Maheda.

"Now we not only have to look out for aliens and drug smugglers, now we have to look out for these untrained civilians who are unfamiliar with the landscape," Border Patrol spokesman Andy Adame said.

Dang, can't even goof off at your cushy government job any more. What's this world coming to?

But it's not only the government employee who are complaining. The Tucson Citizen reports:

Elena Torres doesn't know who the Minutemen are, but she watched them as she crouched on the desert floor Saturday night.

She's a 41-year old mother of three who has crossed the desert six times in the past decade to get to a job cleaning houses in a wealthy suburb of Cleveland. She waited all night for word from her pollero, or guide, to get up and run across the border...

Grupo Beta found Torres huddled with 10 others yesterday morning, persuaded them to turn back and took them to Grupo Beta headquarters for some hot soup...

Torres sits on the front porch of Grupo Beta headquarters and brushes off the desert dust that coats her hair, dark jacket, and even eyelashes. She said she has decided to return to Mexico City. But only for a while.

"In a month I'll try again," she said, taking a sip of soup, "when it's not so hard. Really, what other choice do I have?"

What I keep wondering is instead of whining about illegals needing jobs, why aren't the same “caring” people whining about Mexico not providing those jobs?

coverage: Stones Cry Out, Pardon my English

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 5, 2005 09:35 AM

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