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April 27, 2005

When do Blacks get charged with ‘hate’ crimes?

...when they pretend to be White.

From WorldNetDaily:

After an evacuation and a visit from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a Christian university discovered that "racist hate mail" reported on campus actually was sent by a black student looking for a way to be pulled out of school.

The student at Trinity International University in Bannockburn, Ill., whose name was withheld, confessed she sent racist letters to three minority students.

As a precaution, the school sent about 100 of its 1,000 undergraduate students off campus to hotels or private homes Friday night. ...

Three anonymous letters were distributed through the school's internal mail system in the last two weeks, a university spokesman said. The third threatened physical violence.

The student was charged with disorderly conduct and a hate crime, according to a statement by Kevin Tracz, Bannockburn's chief of police.

Isn't the idea of a “hate” crime in the motive? If she used the fear of racism to get out of school — where's the hate? Don't get me wrong, what she did was stupid, and she deserves to be punished, but a “hate” crime? If she's Black and what she did was against Blacks, are they saying she hates herself?


From the New York Post:

A group of teenage girls accused of a racially motivated attack on six Catholic schoolgirls have been offered a deal that could land them in jail for up to a year and a half. ...

The five suspects — ages 13 and 14 — were allegedly part of a pack numbering as many as 30 kids that jumped six white girls in the Marine Park JHS basketball court on March 30.

The teens — identified by the city's Law Department as Sadira M., Akeylah P., Jessica P., Kedne L., and Vanna W. — shouted "black power" and "white crackers," according to the victims.

Cops nabbed five of the girls alleged to have been in the group but did not charge them with a bias attack, infuriating the victims' parents and roiling racial tensions in the neighborhood.

But on April 8, the city's Corporation Counsel Office — which prosecutes juvenile cases in family court — upped the charges to assault and menacing, including some counts as hate crimes.

The “hate” crime charges were added only after parents as well as bloggers pointed out the hypocrisy. Even then, that aspect of it seems to be downplayed. Why even have a classification of “hate” crime if its meaning is applied in such a racist manner?

Coverage: Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway, Jawa Report

Posted by Danny Carlton at April 27, 2005 08:23 AM

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