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May 10, 2005

A deluge of pseudo-science

The New York Times is reporting on a Swedish research project that claims to have discovered that homosexual men respond to scents the way women do, rather than the way heterosexual men do. We can expect to see this added to the arsenal of quackery used to claim homosexuality is genetic. The trouble is, the researchers didn't bother to distinguish whether these kinds of brain functions are the result of genetics or environment.

The left hemisphere of the brain handles language, except that when someone learns a second language it is almost always stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Brain functions are hard to claim as genetic, especially given influential outside forces that are obviously outside the norm.

Ironically, New Scientist is reporting that researchers at UCLA have found differing brain patterns based on their reaction to people of certain races. Kinda puts a kink in the Swedish research being used to claim homosexuality is genetic, doesn't it. Racists could now make the same claim, and therefore the same demand for special treatment and acceptance of their “lifestyle”.

Another problem with the “homosexuality is genetic” argument arose recently with FDA's new guidelines for sperm donation. Any male who has engaged in homosexual sex within the previous five years may not donate sperm. The official reason would be to prevent the spread of the mythical disease “AIDS”. But how many people wanting donated sperm would want it if the donor were homosexual, and they believe the myth that homosexuality is genetic? It's being argued that the new rules are discriminatory, but it sounds to me like the explanation is just a ruse to weed out the “homosexual gene” from the pool of donated sperm.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at May 10, 2005 11:18 AM

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