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May 12, 2005

Acquitted Pastor faces charges again as Sweden censors religious speech

From the BBC:

Sweden's Supreme Court has said it will review the acquittal of a Pentecostal pastor who denounced homosexuality as "a deep cancer" in a sermon.

Ake Green was convicted of hate crimes in June 2004 and given a 30-day suspended prison sentence.

But then an appeals court in February threw out the case, saying it was not illegal to offer an interpretation of the Bible and urge others to follow it.

Mr Green was the first priest convicted under Sweden's new hate crimes law.

Someone tell the BBC that Pentecostals don't have “priests”, well, unless you count the general protestant view of the priesthood of the believer, meaning all Christians are priests and have equal access to God. But that would hardly be a title distinguishing him from any other Protestant.


In the US once someone has been acquitted of a crime, they can't be retried for the same crime (unless you're white cops from LA and some politicians want to ignore the Constitution so they can get votes). It would seem that Sweden has no such protection, unless they're simply ignoring it as the US government did when retrying the four cops who tried to arrest Rodney King. Since it's a socialist European country going after a Conservative Christian, there's no telling.

Yes, I think, what he said was a bit over the line, but defining it as a “hate” crime is much more over the line. It seems to me the Swedish courts are doing the exact same thing they are continuing to accuse Ake Green of doing.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 12, 2005 07:51 AM

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