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May 09, 2005

Another "hate" crime exposed as a hoax

From the Marin Independent Journal:

A rash of gay-bashing incidents at Tamalpais High School was the work of a student gay leader who claimed she was the victim of hate crimes, it was disclosed yesterday.

The 17-year-old girl, a top athlete who leads the school's Gay-Straight Alliance, told authorities she was the perpetrator of the incidents, which included scrawling "die fag" on her car and at school.

"The individual's own statements substantiated the evidence previously gathered as to the source of the vandalism and annoying phone calls," Mill Valley Police Capt. James Wickham said in a press release.

Other incidents involved teachers who got threatening phone messages and a typed message using anti-gay language that was sent to administrators.

"Evidence developed during the course of the investigation indicated that the student/victim was actually the person" responsible for the crimes, Wickham said. "It has been determined that all the incidents have been committed by a single individual."

The student was not identified by police.

(Doesn't it seem a bit ironic that this girl is one of the school's top wrestlers, considering the other story I reported, today)

This'll be either ignored or downplayed by the MSM, who will instead focus on the growing threat of the mythical “Theocratic Tyranny” the evidence of which can be found in the “abundant reports of anti-homosexual crimes”.

False accusations of crimes is an old trick for demonizing groups you want to persecute. The Nazi's had the fictitious Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Anti-Black bigots in the last century used mythical rapes as an excuse for cross-burnings and lynchings. Even Nero accused Christians of burning Rome as an excuse to kill them.

Coverage: The Anchoress, Michelle Malkin

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 9, 2005 09:06 AM

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