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May 09, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

Here comes the Christians!!


Right Wing News

The Crusades and Liberal Revisionism

Jawa Report, Beautiful Atrocities

Stop Feeding the Lawyers

(...a possible cure for the plague of the ACLU)

Ace of Spades, The Wide Awakes (also here)

Michael Schiavo still defying court order

(..this would be the same court Jeb Bush and George Bush were too cowardly to defy)

Blogs for Terri, insignificant thoughts

...But Mark Furman is Gunning for Him.

GOP Insight

Maryland Sex Ed Class

Powerline, Volokh Conspiracy, What Attitude Problem, The Narrow

No “Conversating” in school

(...apparently no grasp of proper English, either.)

Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway (also here), Ace of Spades (also here), Indepundit, Zero Intelligence, The Wide Awakes, Original Musings

What the closed-minded are doing

(...this time I am referring to the bloggers themselves)

Political Animal, Outside the Beltway (also here and here)

(...I link to the above because they demonstrate the kind of closed-mindedness that permeates government education today. Once government schools became tools for proselyting for the religion of Evolution, real science was scrapped.)

Victims of Political Correctness

GOP Bloggers

What's good for the goose...

insignificant thoughts

Illegal Aliens United

(...Uh...just don't tell the INS)

Michelle Malkin, Diggers Realm

Myths and Lies of Illegal Immigration


GOP Insight

What Palestinians consider a “Cease Fire”

(...Israel stops shooting while the Palestinians continue.)

Captain's Quarters, HyScience, insignificant thoughts

What the MSM won't tell us about Iraq

GOP Insight

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 9, 2005 09:09 AM

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» Michael Schiavo from The Original Musings
Yeah, he's a real swell guy Remember how Michael Schiavo was only doing what was best for Terri? Do you recall how eloquently he insisted, even working up a teary eye from time to time that he was only trying... [Read More]

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» Intelligent Design from Don Singleton
Many blogging about what is going on in Kansas seem to lump Creationism and Intelligent Design together, and say that both are in conflict with the Theory of Evolution. I do not think they are the same. It is my understanding that Creationism believe... [Read More]

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» Cease Fire from Don Singleton
If Abbas can't stop this (and I doubt he can) there is no reason to proceed with the Road Map [Read More]

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narrow minded and hater of Muslims
awaits his king at the gate of zion- a bad king conditioned to return on the establishmednt of a state survives burglary and blood.

any way, the film is bad for Muslims,
unfair to Salahaddin , "No Mercy" or threating to kill children and women "within these walls" were never narrated about him. The film blasphemes the great man and the Muslims as blood thursty. Ignorant enough not to dig their wells when the fact is they shigned christians life with knowledge and civilization.

The movie showed the ethnic and cultural diversity in the christian side, while it was actually in the Arabs side whom wrongly portraied as all dark skinned. It showed Muslims and jews living with the europeans, while they killed them all along with the Arab christians when they took over Jerusalem the first time..the jews were most hated by the christians that they massacered them inside the christian lands before they even reach the Arab lands. The jews by witness of history knew no better tolerance from other than the muslims and refujed to them. The Orthodux church was very delighted to regain its properties from the catholic church after Salahadeen opened Jerusalem. Some haters mentioned blathered about the great Arab conquests from Arabia into the christian lands- Short concultation for history sources would tell you that they
1-never forced no one on conversion- unlike the christians(untill only60 years ago)- and they were met as liberators
2-NEVER killed civilians - or prisoner of war.
3- they were met as liberators from the corrupt (church abiding) bezuntium empire. (ofcourse I can't claim that the met with flowers as the Americans claim in Iraq) a habit was not known back then.

Posted by: Duraid Mohammed at May 18, 2005 08:03 AM

Bud, you really need to look at a history book some time, and read the newspaper while you're at it.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at May 18, 2005 11:56 AM

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