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May 12, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

The Crusaders were Right!

Outside the Beltway

Vermont town wants to secede to New Hampshire

(...hm, they can do that?)


Winston Hayes: Rodney King wanna be

Blogs for Bush

Blind Day Care Worker?!?

Right Wing News

ACLU wants felons to vote

(...guess who for...)

The Wide Awakes, Cao's blog

Breaking news!! I have at least one reader!!!

insigificant thoughts

Notable Commentaries

Ann Coulter
Ever have one of those millennia?

“Iraq's first democratically elected government in half a century has a Shia prime minister and a Kurdish president and several Sunni cabinet ministers. In fact, toss in a couple of dowdy lesbians from the Green Party and it would look a lot like Vermont's state house.”

Craige McMillan
Secular theocracy

“The Judeo-Christian God of medieval Europe had told mankind through his written word in the Bible and his historical dealings with the Jews that He never changed. Thus science developed as a tool in the Christian West, but not in the cultures subject to the whims of a changing god or gods.”

David Brooks
A Turning Tide for Bolton

“When a presidential nominee is treated like an ant under a magnifying glass under the noonday sun, when he has the full scrutiny of the media and Congressional investigators focused upon him, he usually gets incinerated...But over the past two weeks John Bolton's confirmation prospects have gotten stronger. What happened?”

Steven Ertelt
The Abortion Industry's Hypocritical Sexual Abuse Cover-Up

“Officials at Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities say turning over medical records to authorities would violate the privacy of the young women. Somehow that's a greater concern than the violation of the women's bodies by the rapists. Never mind that state officials would redact the records to protect the privacy of the girls involved.”

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 12, 2005 07:57 AM

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