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May 24, 2005

Around the Blogosphere

Howard Dean, Socialist

...or Conservative pundit?

Michelle Malkin, Right Wing News

CUNY Brooklyn hires bigot as department chair

...maybe they assumed it meant furniture that came with it's own sheet.

Michelle Malkin

“Black Girl”

...caption under student's picture in yearbook.

Outside the Beltway

Feeding the hand that bites you

...taxpayer funded Viagra for sex offenders

WizBang, ChristWeb, Myopic Zeal

Syria ends cooperation with US over accusation that it aids terrorist

...and besides, it was getting in the way of aiding terrorists, anyway


If idiot weren't in control...

“This is your Captain speaking...”
Hat tip: Euphoric Reality

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 24, 2005 08:36 AM

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