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May 05, 2005

Atheist pull dirty stunt to foil local observance of National Day of Prayer

From the Idaho Statesman:

The Idaho Atheists will ask a federal judge today to keep the state of Idaho from relocating their event in favor of the annual National Day of Prayer.

The group filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Gov. Dirk Kempthorne and state facilities manager Tim Mason over Mason's decision to move an atheist event off the main Statehouse steps.

Idaho Atheist leader Susan Harrington had scheduled the front steps for a freedom rally on Thursday, but later, Mason said Harrington's group would have to move to another part of the Statehouse because the National Day of Prayer has an annual event, which takes precedence over any other scheduled conflicts.

Harrington and the lawsuit contend that the state's "first-come, first-served" policy does not include annual events, and her attorneys have provided documents showing the prayer day supporters have reserved the stairs each time in recent years.

Honestly, does anybody really think for one minute this Atheist group didn't know exactly what they were doing when they trying to get that location, really. It's nothing but a sleazy trick to try to force the National Day of Prayer observance to go somewhere else.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 5, 2005 10:54 AM

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