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May 06, 2005

Australian pastors face jail for condemning Islam

From the Christian Post:

At a Christian seminar in March 2002, Pastor Daniel Scot said that Muslims were aiming to take over the country and encouraging domestic violence. He also called Islam an inherently violent religion, according to the Herald Sun....

"It was presented in a way which is essentially hostile, demeaning and derogatory of all Muslim people, their God, Allah, the prophet Mohammed and in general Muslim religious beliefs and practices," said Judge Michael Higgins.

The Islamic Council of Victoria had sought a court order that the pastors’ ministry and both pastors acknowledge religious discrimination in statements in their newsletters and website. The requested posting would also include the judge’s findings that both were not credible witnesses and that they had not distinguished between mainstream and extremist Muslims in their 2002 comments, said the Herald Sun.

The Sun reported that on May 2, the pastor said his conscience would not allow him to give an apology or acknowledgment, and added that he was prepared for jail.

The defendants in the case were Daniel Scot and Danny Nallilah of Catch the Fire, an evangelical ministry. They were both found guilty of violating the Victorian Racial and Religious ACT. The ministry and two defendants were criticized over a March 2002 seminar in Melbourne, where several articles in a newsletter attacked Islam, said the Age.

And this is in Australia?!? I figured them for a bit more intelligence than that. Now I don't completely agree with what the pastors said about Islam being inherently violent. I know enough peaceful Moslems to know that that isn't the case — but jail for saying it?!?

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 6, 2005 10:16 AM

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