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May 10, 2005

Bill proposes seizing homes that contain 'illegal' guns

From WorldNetDaily:

A New Jersey state assemblyman has introduced a bill that would allow the government to seize the home or car of anyone whose property contains an illegal firearm.

The legislation, sponsored by Assemblyman Louis Manzo, D-Jersey City, authorizes the forfeiture of "motor vehicle, building or premise" if a firearm is found in it that is not possessed legally per state law – "even if the firearm was not possessed by the owner of the motor vehicle, building or premise," states a summary of the bill, A3998. The legislation was introduced Thursday.

Except most lawmakers don't even know what is and is not a legal gun.

Federal laws defines an assault weapon as any gun that has a removal magazine, a flash suppressor and/or a bayonet plug. The BATF has won court cases in which the assembled a gun from various parts found in someone's home that managed to fire two rounds before falling to pieces. The man was convicted of possessing an illegal gun.

If you take an average rifle and duct tape a toilet paper roll to the end, and clothes pin to the barrel and a dowel rod behind the trigger, it is officially an assault weapon, since it has all the necessary accoutrements. The laws states that even possessing the materials to convert a gun into an assault weapons is the same as possessing an assault weapon. So you if you have any gun in your house, and toilet paper, duct tape any piece of wood that would serve as a pistol grip, and clothes pin — you could lose your house under this law.

I'd say morons holding the power to enact laws are much, much more dangerous than your average citizen owning a gun, even a so-called “assault rifle”

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 10, 2005 11:17 AM

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