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May 27, 2005

Charges against Ilario Pantano dismissed

From WorldNetDaily:

The commanding officer with the authority to decide the fate of 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano – the U.S. Marine accused of murdering two Iraqi insurgents – has dismissed all charges.

Pantano had faced the possibility of a court-martial and a death sentence.

But his lawyer, Charles Gittins, announced today that after review of an investigating officer's official report and examination of autopsy results, Maj. Gen. Richard Huck "determined that all charges and specifications should be dismissed."

WND's Joseph Farah has demanded that his accusers be fired.

I am grateful he was exonerated. But the Marine Corps needs to recognize the terrible injustice committed simply in charging Pantano. It set a terrible precedent. Not only has it forever changed Pantano's life, but I am certain it is one of the contributing causes to the U.S. military's inability to fulfill its recruiting goals ever since the charge.

It was predictable.

There needs to be an investigation into those who served him with these frivolous, ludicrous charges. They need to be appropriately disciplined – fired if necessary – for grossly abusing their positions of authority.

It is extremely unsettling to know that on one side you'd be facing ruthless, unprincipled terrorists out to kill you while from the other side you would have to fear ruthless, unprincipled lawyers out to further their career by sacrificing some soldier who forgot to dot an ‘i’ or cross a ‘t’.

Kit Jarrel of Euphoric Reality has an interview with Ilario Pantano's attorney.

Coverage: Michelle Malkin, Outside the Beltway, HyScience, Ace of Spades, Cao's Blog, Pardon My English, Euphoric Reality

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 27, 2005 08:12 AM

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