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May 25, 2005


Michelle Malkin
'Educational' smut for kids

“Here's a rich irony: I'm writing today about a new children's book, but I can't describe the plot in a family newspaper without warning you first that it is entirely inappropriate for children.”

Coverage: The Narrow

Lino A. Graglia
Death by 'Due Process'

“If opponents of rule by judges secure the political power to obtain an amendment, it should be one that addresses the problem at its source, which is that contemporary constitutional law has very little to do with the Constitution.”

Coverage: GOP Bloggers

Linda Chavez
The deal

“The agreement was forged by 14 senators, seven Republicans and seven Democrats -- most but not all of whom can be characterized as moderates. It committed the signatories, but no other senator, to invoke cloture on three nominees -- Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor. Not only did this effectively stop the filibuster, but it puts three well-qualified strict constructionists on appellate courts....But it did something more: It gave lie to the canard that these nominees were in any way extremists.”

Orson Scott Card
No Faith in This Force

“I suspect that Lucas realized, after writing ‘Good is a point of view,’ that all his friends actually believed that. So he had to make it clear that moral relativism was the right way after all—so he had Obi-Wan say that absolutism was a Sith thing, even though in the actual story, the best of the Jedis show an unbending commitment to absolute Good....It’s a terrible thing, I suppose, for a writer to invent a religion and then discover that he and all his friends are on the wrong side of it.”

Coverage: Insight Scoop

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