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May 30, 2005


Memorial Day

Barbara Simpson
Liberty wasn't due to luck
Craig Smith
Commemorating our heroes
Joseph Farah
The meaning of sacrifice


ACLU abuses

Christopher Levenick
High Noon at Sunrise Rock
The ACLU sues over a cross honoring fallen soldiers--and cashes in

“The Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Award Act of 1976 specifies that anyone bringing an even partly successful civil-rights suit may have the defendant pay all legal fees for both parties, a discretionary award that is routinely granted. Such fee-reversals are not permitted to successful defendants. Congress meant for the law to help citizens with little or no money, but since then wealthy and powerful organizations have perverted that intention. They use the specter of massive attorney fees to force their secularist agenda on small school districts, cash-strapped municipalities and, now, veterans' memorials.”

Coverage: Ace of Spades


Immigration and Illegal Immigrants

John Dougherty
The immigrant 'cheap labor' myth

“While it is true there are some industries benefiting from cheap labor – agriculture, for one – bare-bones, unbiased, non-partisan statistics prove beyond reproach that illegal immigrants are costing the nation much more than they contribute to it.”


Censorship of Religion

Jerry Falwell
A Free Speech Victory

“We live in an age when the religious free speech of many — particularly students in public schools — is being routinely trampled simply because their words may "offend." In schools across the country, untold numbers of valedictorians and salutatorians are prohibited from articulating a short prayer or giving thanks to Jesus Christ, even if prayer and a relationship with Christ are pre-eminent themes of their lives....Such censorship is patently unfair....These students are told that their words may rub someone in the audience the wrong way, so they are compelled to silence and forced to stifle expressions of faith.”


Nuclear Judiciary

Armstrong Williams
Democrats Use Racism in Judicial Battle

“You may recall that the Democrats had previously blocked the nomination of Justice Janice Rogers Brown for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Despite the fact that Brown was the first black woman to sit on California's Supreme Court, the Democrats assailed her through a series of reductive and racist smears....Ironically, Schumer was effectively criticizing Brown for treating the Constitution as colorblind. Note to Schumer: Wasn't this one of the major goals of the civil rights movement?”

Star Parker
The filibuster and Roe v. Wade

“The fact that most of our citizens see abortion as immoral, and that support for legal abortion is highly qualified, shows that there is underlying discomfort nationwide with today's legal regime governing abortion. Americans want change....These sentiments were expressed when we elected a conservative Republican president and a Republican congress.”


Homeland Defense

Phyllis Schlafly
Military off base in sending women into combat

“Much of the demand for women in combat comes from female officers who are eager to obtain medals and promotions. Enlisted women are acutely aware of the heavy lifting that must be done by combat infantry....The Army's own opinion surveys prior to 2001 consistently reported that 85 percent to 90 percent of enlisted women oppose ‘being assigned to combat units on the same basis as men.’ Women enlistees have a right to expect the Army to obey current policy and law.”


Don Feder
MoveOn.org's anti-Catholic Paranoia

“MoveOn.org’s calumny is reminiscent of attacks on the Church by the Ku Klux Klan. In the 1920s, the cross-burners attempted to whip up anti-Catholic hysteria with visions of the Vatican taking over America. When Catholic Al Smith ran for president in 1928, the Klan instructed that a Democratic victory would signal the end of religious freedom in America....A libel invented by bigots in bed sheets now is routinely repeated by bigots in Gucci loafers.”

Coverage: Professor Bainbridge, The Anchoress, Fraternitas Vitae

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 30, 2005 10:40 AM

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