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May 13, 2005

Did Tiller the Killer strike again?

From Agape Press:

Pro-lifers in Wichita are reporting that another ambulance visit to a notorious abortionist's clinic on Wednesday "increases suspicion" that another woman may have died from abortion complications.

According to reports from both Operation Rescue and Kansans for Life, an ambulance rolled up to Women's Health Care Services --the Wichita abortion mill operated by George Tiller -- on Wednesday morning shortly after the arrival of a blanket-wrapped woman who "looked white as a sheet." The emergency crew remained on site, rendering medical care for more than 90 minutes, the groups report. It was the third time this year, and the sixth time in the past 16 months, that an ambulance had been summoned to the abortuary.

The ambulance then transported an injured woman from the clinic, presumably to the Wesley Medical Center emergency room. But pro-lifers on the scene report the ambulance drove "quickly past the emergency room entrance and disapper[ed] down the street."

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, describes the events as "highly unusual behavior," and asks several questions: "Why did the ambulance bypass the emergency room and disappear? Why was there a delay in getting the woman to the hospital? [And] why are so many women being maimed and even killed?" A woman died in January at the hospital after being transported there from Tiller's clinic.

"These questions must be answered," Newman continues. "[Tiller's] abortion mill is a proven public health risk."

Interesting how hiding the truth is considered part of  providing “choice” isn't it. Pro-Death advocates who deceptively call themselves “pro-choice” know that if these women were actually informed of the danger they are placing themselves in, they wouldn't make the “choice” to murder their unborn child.

Hat Tip: Hyscience

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 13, 2005 03:00 PM

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