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May 09, 2005

Discrimination fine, if it's against Christians

From the Seattle Times:

Girls who wrestled for several Puget Sound-area middle schools this year easily won their matches against boys from two private schools.

The girls stepped onto the mat. Their opponents from Tacoma Baptist and Cascade Christian stayed in their seats. The referee then raised the girls' hands to signal they'd won by forfeit.

But the easy victories didn't sit well with the girls, including Meaghan Connors, a seventh-grader at McMurray Middle School on Vashon Island. Her father, Jerry, is prepared to go to court over what he considers a clear case of sex discrimination.

Did you get that? Christian boys, who feel it is immoral to wrestle with a girl have to forfeit the match, and the idiot father of one of the girls thinks it's sexual discrimination, rather than what it really is — religious discrimination. And these Christians schools have been allowing the religious discrimination for years, without protest!!

Oh, but wait — the stupidity gets even worse:

“If my religion says that once a year on a full moon, I had to get into a hit-and-run accident, I think the cops would take exception to that,” [Conners] said. “That's an extreme example, but if you come into the public domain, you can't develop a policy that discriminates against people.”

This is the same kind of moronic thinking that's been used to rationalize religious discrimination all over the West. What makes it even worse is that Conners is a former Episcopal president and one-time pastoral assistant for social justice at St. James Cathedral in Seattle. Of course that's one of those Liberal denominations that's been shrinking for the past few decades as they become more and more like the world, rather than like a real church. (and people wonder why I think the Whore of Babylon in Revelation is the Liberal “church”)

The story mentions that the government school penalized their boys who refused to wrestle girls, which is why only the Christian schools continue to stand up for basic morality. But, I gotta wonder if the Christians in the government schools simply don't join the wrestling team, or are they choosing to compromise their morals?

The big question is: Why are the government schools being allowed to do this? It is clearly unconstitutional for them to force students to violate their religion in this way.

Coverage: Wizbang

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 9, 2005 09:07 AM

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Forget about morality for a moment. What kind of parent would think having boys in girls in close physical contact at these ages is a good idea? Too many moon-bats running around these days. And regarding Conners analogy: pure genius! NOT!

Posted by: bryanm at May 9, 2005 01:56 PM

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