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May 13, 2005

Evolutionists defend their religion by slinging mud

From Agape Press:

Intelligent design advocates are drawing attention to what they call a "smoking gun" memo that outlines the strategy of pro-Darwinian forces in the debate over science standards in Kansas.

At issue is an Internet post by Liz Craig, a spokeswoman from the group Kansas Citizens for Science. In it, she delineates her plan for dealing with those on the Kansas Board of Education who fall on the creationist side of the science standards debate.

In the online discussion, Craig described how she intended to use the press in an effort to portray creationist and intelligent design advocates as uninformed and foolish. Her strategy, she remarked, is "the same as it was in 1999: notify the national and local media about what's going on and portray [critics of evolution] in the harshest light possible as political opportunists, Evangelical activists, ignoramuses, breakers of rules, unprincipled bullies, etc."

Dr. John West of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute, the nation's largest intelligent design think tank, believes Darwinists do not want to talk about science but instead want to demonize their opponents. What is happening in Kansas is "supposed to be a science debate," he says, "but the pro-Darwin groups seem allergic to talking about the science. They'd rather sling mud, and it makes you sort of wonder whether they have any scientific arguments offer at all."

I suppose this is news to some people. To me it's pretty much exactly what I would expect from them, considering it's exactly the way the religion of Evolution has been defended all along.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 13, 2005 02:54 PM

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