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May 31, 2005

Government sponsored religious education?

Captain's Quarters is reporting that an aid to Nancy Pelosi, Caitlin O'Neill, neglected to report a lobbyist paid trip to Cuba, for “religious education”. The lobbyist is an online ordination mill called Universal Life Church. I'm familiar with sites like this. A few years ago, to shut someone up who kept lauding his qualifications because he was “ordained” I went to one of these sites and had my cat ordained as a minister. Real ordination is from God, not from a piece of paper or a web site.


Nancy Pelosi is the one that screeched:

These are substantive allegations that must be added to the ever-growing DeLayGate scandal and fully investigated by the Ethics Committee. The House gift rule clearly states that lobbyists cannot pay a Member's travel expenses, but the expense voucher submitted by lobbyist Jack Abramoff indicates that this is precisely what he did for Mr. DeLay

It is imperative that the Ethics Committee live up to its mission and conduct a timely, thorough, and honest inquiry into all of Mr. DeLay's alleged ethical lapses.

These democrats never learn, do they.

Coverage: Blogs for Bush

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 31, 2005 08:49 AM

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