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May 10, 2005

May the Tenth

This day in history:

May 10th, 1994

Former President George H.W. Bush's office released his letter of resignation from the National Rifle Association. The letter expressed Bush's outrage over the NRA's reference to federal agents as ''jackbooted government thugs.'' Jack boots are the kind that reach above the knee, which were worn in the 17 century by soldiers and nowadays, sometimes by fishermen. Federal thugs either wear business shoes or, when needing to shoot unarmed women holding babies or burn children to death, army boots. The NRA has yet to apologize for the error.

May 10th, 2000

After classified material outlining America's nuclear weapons programs turned up missing from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a fire, set deliberately to “clear brush from the path of a wildfire”, was driven by high winds into a New Mexico canyon, forcing the evacuation of the 11,000 residents of Los Alamos as well as those working at the laboratory. Given the inability to provide adequate security during the fire, any investigation into the missing documents was fruitless. It was later learned that the Communist Chinese government, which had heavily funded Bill Clinton's campaign, had obtained enough classified US nuclear information to push them ten year ahead in their development of nuclear weapons.

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

May 10th, 2002

A 39-day standoff between Israeli troops and Palestinian gunmen at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem ended with 13 suspected militants flown into European exile and 26 released into the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, the Israeli army had already been positioned in the Gaza strip so the 26 “freed” terrorists were soon given a “warm” welcome home.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 10, 2005 11:26 AM

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