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May 30, 2005

Microsoft begs users to dump Netscape

From Saint Louis Today:

Microsoft Corp. is urging Windows users to uninstall the new Netscape 8 Web browser from their computers, saying it damages Microsoft's own Internet Explorer browser.

Microsoft's announcement on Friday came after a Microsoft technician's blog posting a day earlier that said Netscape's updated technology interfered with Internet Explorer's ability to display some Web pages.

Computer users who install Netscape 8 and then go back to using Internet Explorer for browsing may see some Web pages appear blank in Internet Explorer.

I use IE most of the time, and have FireFox and Opera to check on compatibility. I just downloaded NS8 a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised. It allow for almost complete compatibility with IE specific coding.

I have several sites that previously only IE worked on. My custom made message board (seen here and here) uses a WYSIWYG script that previously would only work with IE. It now works with NS8. (you have to set the compatibility to IE, though)

My site ByTheFireplace.com also uses some IE specific coding. Both Opera and FireFox weren't able to utilize it. NS8 works fine, but with one exception. I used a right click to pop-up a bookmark control. NS8 does that, but them puts the normal right click menu over the top of it, blocking the user from accessing the control.

My site radioJesus.com also wouldn't work with Opera and FireFox. More of it works with NS8, but still not all.

I get really tired of Microsoft's arrogance and blatant, unfair business practices, but they still have the best browser. I also haven't had any of these problems Microsoft is warning about. My guess is that they are simply afraid of the competition. Tough. If I have the time to work out the few compatibility issues, I may just switch to NS8 as my regular browser.

Hat tip: Outside the Beltway
Coverage: IEblog

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 30, 2005 10:35 AM

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