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May 06, 2005

More Google Stupidity

So Google won't list the Jawa Report in their news section because it considers it a “hate” site. But they will list Jihad Unspun, which has stuff like this:

Another day filled with attacks has passed, with sealed lips from the American aggressors and the turning of heads from the world stage as more death and destruction further erodes the stability of the region and more American families loose their sons and daughters.

...and this:

Americn’s [sic] poodle Tony Blair survived opposition over the Iraq war to secure a third term...

...and this:

Al-Qaida continues to be on the move inside Iraq, with daily attacks against American forces and so-called Iraqi national guards and puppet police that continues to disprove the American myth of low morale and lack of resources and validating that jihad has been ignited inside the country.

Why do so many Conservative web sites still have Google ads on them? I decided a long time ago I wouldn't help finance idiots like that, that's why I don't have Google ads. That's also why I use Yahoo most of the time for searches.

(Oops, did I forget to provide a link to Jihad Unspun? How inconsiderate of me.)

Coverage: Jawa Report, The Wide Awakes

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 6, 2005 10:12 AM

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