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May 13, 2005

Pseudo-Science watch

Orin Kerr from the Volokh Conspiracy quotes, without comment, from a NYT article about research by a team of geneticists to determine the emigration of humans. The geneticists, however, start with several unproven assumptions. They assume Africa is the source of migration, therefore conclude that genetic similarities between two geographically separate groups, one of which is in Africa, means the other group later migrated from Africa, rather than vice versa, or even both groups migrating from a third location. They also assume, as fact, dating techniques that have long been proven unreliable, but are still used because they help bolster the religion of Evolution.

Bryan from The Narrow has a fascinating post about various kinds of nonsense, passed off as science in government schools. He did some excellent work pulling together multiple sources for the post. Go read it. You'll be glad you did.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 13, 2005 02:52 PM

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