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May 05, 2005

School district accused of promoting Christianity disputes charges

From DelMarVaNow.com:

Mona and Marco Dobrich, along with an unnamed family, filed a lawsuit Feb. 28 claiming that the district has created "an environment of religious exclusion," and that explicitly Christian school-sponsored prayer is pervasive.

The lawsuit charges prayers are regularly offered at school events, that students participating in Bible Club during school hours receive preferential treatment and that a teacher told students there was "only one true religion."...

In the district response, officials do not directly take on prayer in schools, but deny almost every charge in the lawsuit with little explanation or dismiss allegations as vague or inaccurate.

The district even denied allegations admitted by Reginald L. Helms, a school board member who has separate representation through the conservative civil rights group the Rutherford Institute. While Helms, represented by attorney Thomas S. Neuberger, admitted school officials invited a pastor to provide the invocation and benediction at the 2004 graduation, the district claims speakers were chosen by the students.

Mona Dobrich said the graduation at which Jesus Christ was specifically invoked - making her family and her daughter feel excluded - was one of the main reasons why she decided to take action.

You know I get so tired of this “they mentioned their religion and I feel excluded/discriminated against/infringed upon/etc.” Why is it that some people can't seem to tolerate Christians even mentioning their religion? When Jews were being slaughtered in Europe, where did those that escape flee to? Wasn't in America, which at that time was still officially teaching Christianity in government schools? Isn't it that very Christianity which created the concept of religious tolerance? You know if a rabbi had delivered a prayer at my kids graduation (if they attended government schools) I'd have no problem with it, even if the school officially invited him.

Notice that last paragraph I quoted. When Jesus is mentioned, the family interprets that as “exclusion”. Wouldn't the only alternative to that to be censoring Jesus name in government schools? How would that not be excluding Christians?

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 5, 2005 10:57 AM

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