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May 02, 2005

Sgrena's Satellite

From the AFP via Yahoo News:

A US satellite reportedly recorded a checkpoint shooting in Iraq last month, enabling investigators to reconstruct how fast a car carrying a top Italian intelligence official and a freed hostage was traveling when US troops opened fire.

The report, which aired Thursday on CBS News, said US investigators concluded from the recording that the car was traveling at a speed of more than 60 miles (96 km) per hour.

Giuliana Sgrena has said the car was traveling at a normal speed of about 30 miles an hour when the soldiers opened fired, wounding her and killing Nicola Calipari, the Italian agent who had just secured her release from a month's captivity.

First of all there seems to be some question by some as to how the speed of a car can be determined by a satellite photo. Apparently some people have forgotten the tiresome questions in high school math about train A and train B. If the satellite photographed the car at one point at a specific time, then at another point at a specific time, the speed of the car can be determined by the distance and the elapsed time. My 12-year-old could do it...well if he had the location and time references.

The LA Times edited out the references to the satellite info, for who knows what reason. Maybe they never got those train A and train B questions.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at May 2, 2005 08:46 AM

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