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May 27, 2005

Shapelle Corby found guilty

From ABC News Online:

Schapelle Corby has been found guilty of importing a narcotic into Indonesia by a Bali court, sentenced to 20 years in jail and fined $13,875.

Judge Linton Sirait said Corby had "legally and convincingly carried out a crime".

Family and friends of Corby reacted to the verdict with screams.

I wonder how the tourism trade in Indonesia's doing these days. You couldn't pay me to go there now. To convict a woman who simply had drugs in her suitcase, without proof that she put it there, and with the knowledge that drug traffickers use innocent people's luggage to smuggle drugs, is criminal on the part of the Indonesian government. Even the idea of locks on your luggage is ludicrous, because many screeners will and do break them off to search the luggage.

Coverage: WizBang

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 27, 2005 08:06 AM

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I wouldn't let it keep me awake at night, the drugs weren't planted in her bag. They convicted her because when they found the drugs in her bag and interrogated her, she pointed to the drugs, laughed, and admitted they were hers. Weeks later in prison she claims she only admitted the bag was hers, not the drugs. This whole uproar was never about her innocence, it was about the tough penalties for marijuana smuggling into Indonesia, and also that one of the key players in the Bali bombings only received 2 years prison for helping to kill and injure dozens of people.

I don't know why anyone would want to go to Indonesia anyway, but if you are going to boycott it then you may as well boycott all foreign travel. All of Australia's lawyers that have gone on record have already said that in any country in the world Shapelle would have been found guilty on that evidence alone.

Posted by: alpha at May 28, 2005 04:45 PM

Whoever the above person is that wrote their comment obviously doesn't have a heart or is not a true Australian. What the hell do you mean "I wouldn't let it keep me awake at night". It sounds a lot like you wouldn't keep awake for anything. Mmmm what a sad life not to have feelings for a fellow Australian who obviously hasn't received a fair trial. A Question: "Where you there when she pointed to the drugs and laughed?" It sounds like you were. I wasn't and wouldn't presume to know exactly how it went down because there is no footage of the incident that is costing this person, essentially, her life. Maybe you could swap yours for hers, it sounds like you don't need yours anyway.

Never would I go to Indonesia and I hope that fellow "true" Australians will take the same stand.

Posted by: diane dawn at May 28, 2005 08:03 PM

Austrailian or not, this is inhumain! Someone do something!!!! This is truely terrible. If she did it or not does not matter in this case,..... she should not serve more then 4 years.

Posted by: brian at May 28, 2005 11:07 PM

I am appauled at what has gone on in Bali,the judge was obviously on an importance trip with total disregard to humanity.
This judge will be accountable for his actions to the one above as the gates of St Peter will remain closed for him. He will also be responsible to the Balinese society when the world realises that Bali should be a no go zone as it is an unsafe place for any civilised human being as you put your life into idiots hands.

Posted by: Jose St Ange at May 28, 2005 11:29 PM

Hey...when i heard about shapelle i was gutted... i cant believe that judge. needs to rot in hell. im from new zealand. and it still keeps me awake at night knowing a poor women is being treated like dirt in prison even though she hasent done anything wrong!! how can that judge be so thick? i will NEVER go to such a f***ed up country * sorry language *

Posted by: Niree Rose at May 29, 2005 01:33 AM

Ok... so i agree that she doesnt deserve the 20 years imprisonment at bali.. but cmon.. she cant be totally guilty.. im with alpha.. its not that indonesian court didn't give her a fair trial.. it was.. and it proved her guilty! everyone also has to consider the side of the indonesian judge.. its their law.. they cant just make an exception for someone who is supposedly innocent..
that said.. i do agree with the move that the austrlaian government is making in the prisoner swap.. she may be guilty, but she should do her time in an australian jail... ALL the 20 years.

Posted by: dee at May 29, 2005 05:38 AM

i think that shapelle is NOT guilty! and even if she was 7 months is long enough to be in jail for something that everynone smokes all the bloody time, school kids have drugs in school!! it's everywhere and if she wanted to have drugs she could of got them at bali they are more known for selling drugs than any other country!...Australia has helped them out so bloody much they should be ashamed that they would do that to one of our austrailan citizens, NO LONGER SHALL OUR AUSTRALIANS HELP THEM! The bali bombers got far less than shapelle and they ARE GUILTY!( 2 years they got) shapelle is been found guilty of something so poor and stupid!!!! 20 years for young lovly shapelle! bali people can suffer next time they need our help. And bali will be out of business because who in the right mind will go to bali now? ..why would people risk the chance of being court with drugs? The basturds that did this to shapelle should come forward and show some remorse!

Posted by: vicki at May 29, 2005 06:51 AM

The judge cant hear her genuine cries of innocence, hear her pain and terror. He only hears wat the interpreter says. Shes just like you or me and thats why this has had such a huge effect on everyone, or why it should have a huge effect on you. The poor girl is innocent, you can see it in her eyes!!!How can they chose to ignore the cases of the baggage handlers in Australia like that, how is it justice?!!We need to make a stand, write letters of protest, ring her family for support, offer to visit her if she is swapped with an australian prisoner.The unfortunate truth is that people will just go on with they're lives, loose their anger and passion in rebellion, soon shel be yesterdays news. But thats ok with us, isnt it?SHE has to live with this for at least another 20 years, she needs to forget about children, forget about a husband, forget about her career....oh how it should put things in perspective for every single one of us!!!

Posted by: Emily at May 29, 2005 07:29 AM

Shapelle Corby is clearly innocent!! This case is an absolute scandal!! You dont have to be an Australian national to get outraged by this, im writing from northern Norway. Firstly, only a bloody banana-republic will put the burden of proof on the defence. Apparently they assume guilt until proven innocence. This is CRAZY at best by western standards. Judge Sirait has stated that he is not interested in what happened in Australia, only in the fact that the Ganja WAS found in her bag in Bali!!!!! This is insane!! And what are her means and motiv?? They have not been able to establish any proof of contacts with drug suppliers in or around Brisbane or whatever her place of residens was. Her means for commiting the crime seem thin. And her motive? The drugs would sell in Sydney, or the Gold Coast for god knows how many times what she would have got for it in Bali. And as vicki mentioned above, if she wanted dope to consume during her stay in Bali she could have got it there, for a fraction of the price and with no risk of execution by firing squad! There is no motive. And what about all the evidence that is missing! No one weighed their bags on arrival to Bali to compare with the weight when checked in at Brisbane. CCTV footage from Brisbane, Sydney and the customs office at the airport in Bali should ahve been collected. THEY HAVENT EVEN FINGERPRINTED THE BAG THE STUFF WAS IN!!!!!! There is no case against her. This is a horrible injustice.

Posted by: Eirik at May 29, 2005 09:28 PM

You all have lost it ...just cause she is a good looking girl from the gold coast . You dont know if she is guilty or not.humans are self centered a******s and see what they want to see...

Posted by: Paul at May 29, 2005 11:18 PM

Let's focus on the issue at hand and not the person for a moment. I'm not judging whether Shapelle Corby is guilty or not, or whether the sentence given to her is appropriate. If the victim in this particular case was a male, would the Australian media & public be so passionate about this case? Why haven't the male victims who are currently serving sentences in Indonesian prisons for the same crime been given the same media publicity and concern from the Australian people? Is this another case of the media taking advantage of the situation because they know it will increase television ratings and sell newspapers & magazines? Let's be consistent and support all those in the same situation, not just those who have a pretty face!

Posted by: James at May 30, 2005 01:50 AM

I agree with all of you who said that shapelle didnt deserve 20 years or anything at all, but you DO have to take into consideration what JAMES said. there are currently 150 OZZIES IN BALI'S JAILS ON DRUG CHARGES!!! why is Shapelles so special. because she is innocent!!! Thats what we all want to believe, and what with all the corrucption of the baggage handerlers at Sydney airport who knows.
MOST OF US BELIEVE IN THE GOODNESS OF HUMANS but if sum1 could do this 2 shapelle obviously they dont!!!! REALLY THE ONLY 1 WHO KNOWS D TRUTH IS SHAPELLE!!!!!

Posted by: Loza at May 30, 2005 03:58 AM

Here's some more food for thought...How easy it is to blame another country or race. It's not our fault, as the media has brain washed us to believe what they want us to believe. If it was a foreigner who entered Australia with 4kg of illegal drugs, what would we be saying then? What amazes me is all the fuss over 1 person, yet who cares about the thousands of innocent people that have died in the Iraq war that should never have happened? Australia isn't so innocent after all (shame John Howard, shame !!) Trust me, until the media finds something more exciting in order to increase its ratings and sell more newspapers, we'll soon be saying "Shapelle who"?

Posted by: James at May 30, 2005 05:56 AM

If a foreigner entered the US with drugs in their suitcase, and the suitcase had no locks, they would be offered the benefit of the assumption of innocent until proven guilty. In court the fact that smuggler do use innocent travelors to smuggle drugs would have been taken into consideration and the most the person would receive would be deportation, unless the travelor's fingerprints were found on the drugs.

I would have to assume Australia would do the same thing.

Oh, and isn't it a shame that we freed the people of Iraq from a brutal dictator that had been systematically robbing, raping and murdering them. How cruel of us.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at May 30, 2005 10:56 AM

Here we go, all we need now is for an American to tell the world what is right from wrong. Don't forget that it was the Americans who allowed their aeroplanes to be hijacked by terrorists with cardbaord box cutters and allowed them to fly into two sky scrapers...By the way, have you found Bin Laden yet?

Posted by: James at May 30, 2005 11:25 AM

Oh, I forgot to mention my Yankee friend...Any sight of those "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" in Iraq? Hey! I know where they are, in the USA, so why not let us start bombing the United States because they have weapons of mass destruction?
Clean-up your own smelly backyard before criticising the way other countries decide to live and rule.

Posted by: James at May 30, 2005 11:32 AM

So you think torturing, raping and murdering innocent women and children is an acceptable thing? Fortunately I know most Australians aren't as cruel and callous as you seem to be.

Those 9/11 hijackers would have done the same thing just as easily with Aussie airplanes. At the time no one had any idea that someone would be crazy enough to use an airplane for such a thing, so cooperation was seen (by both the US and Australia) as the way to save the most lives.

Bin Laden is dead, they terrorists just don't want anyone to know about it. More than likely Zarqawi has joined him. As for the WMD, they were smuggled out of the country (most likely into Syria) while the UN searchers were navel gazing and ignoring the pleas of Iraqi citizens to save them from being murdered.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at May 30, 2005 02:59 PM

Ladies & Gentlemem you've heard it first from the mouth of Danny Carlton! It sounds like the same s*** that comes out of every American's mouth starting from their lying & deceiving leader George Bush....Give the world a break !!!

Posted by: James at May 30, 2005 06:30 PM

So, James, we know that you: A. could care less whether innocent Iraqis are tortured, raped and murdered, B. could care less whether an innocent Australian woman spends 20 years in an Indonesian prison and C. hate Americans. What I wonder is, is there some sort of cause and affect there, or do you just hate everyone and everything?

Posted by: Danny Carlton at May 30, 2005 10:02 PM

shapelle corby is NOT guilty i cant even believe some people would even consider that she is even the slightest bit guilty the judges havent even got enough evidence to find her guilty i think the big question is WHY WOULD SOMEONE TRAVEL WITH 4KG'S OF DRUGS IN THERE BOGGY BOARD UNLOCKED ??now come on common sense please and as they have said they havent had a finger print test they havent looked at the scanning images etc now come on SERIOUSLY??

Posted by: rangi at May 31, 2005 01:48 AM

A) Innocent Iraqis have been and are currently being killed & tortured by American soldiers (this has been exposed and well documented). Ask the Iraqis if they are better off now than what they were prior to the Americans invading their country. B) Since when are you judge & jury to comment on whether Shapelle Corby is innocent? (another fool brain washed by the media), and C) Everyone hates America because it bullies and wants to control the whole world (are you sure George Bush isn't Lex Luther in disguise?), hence the war Iraq in order to control the world's oils. Have you wondered why most countries are against the war in Iraq? Even the United Nations were against it, but it was only the puppet leaders such as John Howard & Tony Blair who had no choice but to join the real terrorists (America)...As if America gives a shit about the Iraqi people? If it cared about the human race, it would begin by looking after its own instead of having most of the American population uneducated, ignorant, censored by the media, homeless, begging, drug addicted, forced into committing crimes in order to survive...just to name a few examples. You say that the Iraqis where being tortured, raped & murdered (gee, that sounds to me exactly what the white Americans have been doing to the black Americans since day one). I don't hate everyone, I am a person who judges those by their actions, NOT their words. I challenge YOU Danny Carlton to come up with 3 extremely good examples of what America has done to have made this world a better place that we live in, seeing that the American life is the way the world should follow.

Posted by: James at May 31, 2005 02:05 AM

forget this whole nonsense, she's as guilty as hell!

Posted by: justin kelly at May 31, 2005 06:31 AM

Shapelle Corby is guilty. But regardless of what I believe, i am appalled that so many Australians believe she is innocent based solely on her looks - her "innocent" look as many have called it, or more so, based on no evidence at all - just 'following the crowd'. Have people stopped to think that perhaps she might be guilty? regardless of whether or not she is, there is the still the extremelly likely chance that she is guilty. Look at the evidence... 1. She has been to Bali over 20 times as of recent 2. She has had a significant history with drugs, such as her sister previously been an addict 3. The question why would she bring drugs over to Bali where they are worth shit all compared to Aussie is entirely floored, people are willing to pay alot of money for Australia dope because it is more pure and worth ALOT more than the standard drugs over there 4. ...its a huge drug ring transporting drugs from Brisbane to Sydney.. - now lets think about this. WHY would a drug ring, bribe($$$)a baggage handler to sneak drugs into an airport, past sniffer dogs and video cameras and all that, hide the drugs in a bag, call the next airport and tell them which bag it is in, then bribe ($$$) another baggage handler to get past secuirity take the drugs from the bag and then sneak them out of the airport and give them to Mr. X (or Mrs. Y), rather than just putting them in a car, driving them Brisbane to Sydney and safe a significant amount of money??? Do you know that IDIOTIC people have called up charity organisations and asked for the money they donated to the Tsunami appeal back because they dont want to give money to Indonesia? Who is this going to benefit - it is taking much needed funds away from families, young children and the eldery just because you THINK (NO BODY KNOWS!!) Corby MIGHT be innocent? ...Dont even get me started on boycotting Bali. If there is one thing people can take from this, let it be capacity to contemplate that PERHAPS Corby might be guilty.

Posted by: James at May 31, 2005 06:49 AM

It's obviously clear that it was not hers in the first place. It got put in her bag at Sydney Airport. People need to relise and open their ears abit more.They never found anything at Sydney Airport but they found it at wherever they found it

Posted by: Cassie at May 31, 2005 08:49 PM

The reality is that it makes no difference what people think. There are two ways one can learn in life. 1)From your own mistakes, and 2)From other's mistakes. The important thing here is that we've all learnt from this, however history shows that a alot pf people never learn no matter what. It will be a matter of time before someone other greedy bastard gets busted, and soon we'll be talking about them.

Posted by: James at June 1, 2005 01:10 AM

replying to JAMES...
okay so why if she was guilty why would she want to get caught if she knew the risks she was taking and by not putting a lock on her case??to get 20yrs ??NO EXACTLY !!
and just because she is getting lots more attention then some of the others in there for travelling with drugs well why should we let another innocent one get punished, why should we just leave it just cos there are others in there that maybe innocent why not help HER OUT?huh?get one out of the way atleast..!!

Posted by: rangi at June 1, 2005 04:20 AM

Everyone takes risks in life, some more than others (I suppose the Bali 9 are innocent too!). People are jailed every day for various crimes, yet people still continue to commit crimes. Is it because they are not aware of the law, or are they simply taking a risk in the hope they don't get caught?
Here's a hint for travelers...locks are useless on your bags & cases, especially if airport staff have reason to believe that there is something suspicious in them (they'll just simply force the bag open to check and then tape it closed again)

Posted by: James at June 1, 2005 06:07 AM

If an Indonesian came to Australia got caught with 4 kg of Cannabis in a boogie bag said someone planted it there and said he had a witness in a jail in Indonesia who could testify that this goes on all the time would be believe him. Think about it. I don't think so. We would laugh him all the way to jail.

Posted by: Jimbo at June 1, 2005 06:29 AM

We Australians have imprisoned hundreds of refugees and have them living in conditions that you wouldn't have your dog living in, yet we complain about an Australian who has been jailed in Indonesia for committing a crime that could have potentially been handed the death penalty. What crime have the refugees committed?

Posted by: James at June 1, 2005 07:46 AM

Australians have had a love affair with Bali as a holiday destination for a long time because of the romantic notions it has and because it is so close. But we have to understand that it is a part on Indonesia now and has a completely different culture. We should have changed our romantic notions after Sept11 because, as a Muslim country, they have not been as welcoming to us. Out of the tourist areas I heard that western tourists are looked at with suspicion.
Our Government has not been straight with us because they want to be pals with our neighbour for political and business reasons. The result has been the Bali bombings and the Shapelle Corby case.
Americans were warned to stay away from tourist night spots before the Bali bombings and I think you will find there are no Americans in Bali jails. I do not agree with their present policies of interfering with overseas affairs but at least they look after their citizens. Part of the blame for our pain should be placed squarely on the Australian government for playing innocent and giving us a false sense of security. The USA may go too far the other way but hey, they have a large intelligence (spy)force and maybe get some things right.

Posted by: Robert at June 1, 2005 08:47 AM

James, you're own deluded drivel is more than enough to expose you as a fruitcake.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at June 1, 2005 11:01 AM

Danny, Is that the most intelligent response you can come up with to my challenging question to you? And it took you 2 days to come up with that! You obviously haven't traveled outside of America, otherwise you wouldn't be so ignorant and narrow minded.

Posted by: James at June 2, 2005 01:33 AM

i cannot comment on whether or not shapelle is innocent or not. but what i can say is that i think it is absolutely horrific that she recieved 20 years for a bit of drugs.
i feel very sorry for this poor girl and her future. I must say that i suddently dont feel as if a want to go anywhere near bali!!!

Posted by: susy at June 2, 2005 03:20 AM

Danny, Is that the most intelligent response you can come up with to my challenging question to you?.

Challenging?!? You certainly have an active imagination.

And it took you 2 days to come up with that!

No, it took me 2 seconds. Unlike you I have a life outside of commenting on blogs.

You obviously haven't traveled outside of America, otherwise you wouldn't be so ignorant and narrow minded

Your own posts are enough to show how silly such an accusation is, coming from you.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at June 2, 2005 09:19 AM

I AGREE Danny !
james has just got a bit too much to say for himself! and no we not like you and spend most of our days infront of a comouter screen!!(james i mean)

Posted by: rangi at June 3, 2005 12:16 AM

You can't respect the justice system if it is backwards the indonesian penalties on a widely used,harmless and recreational drugs is disgusting. What is there point to make it a deterent the drugs only get sold to tourists not there own people so its an australian concern not an indonesian concern this judge is ruthless.

Posted by: ian schofield at June 3, 2005 04:24 AM

You know what, I'm going to take your advise and lay off this damn site because you are all full of s***! As for Danny Carlton, you must be the biggest wanker there is beacuse you're the one creating this crap and you need to find yourself a good f***!

Posted by: James at June 3, 2005 09:30 AM

Im with you danny,,, USA all the way--the only way. Bush would never let us rot in that prison. James, get a clue. Just sit there and dream about living and breathing in the most POWERFUL country on the planet!

Posted by: ann26 at June 3, 2005 03:11 PM

You're living and breathing s***! I just looked up the word "America" in the dictionary and the definition states "scum of the earth". As for your president, go to http://www.realchange.org/bushjr.htm and read all the bulls*** he's been feeding everyone.

Posted by: James at June 4, 2005 01:43 PM

James, don't be so full of yourself. Australians have had their share of history they're not proud of either. "The convicts themselves were mostly undesirables with no agricultural experience from the slums of London, deported to Australia for small crimes." Seems to me that Australian's came to be, from european felons.

I actually agreed with your views on Shapelle's case until you got on your kick about Americans. Obviously you feel inferior and don't blame you considering of your rough beginnings.

Who's your daddy?!

Posted by: ann26 at June 4, 2005 04:41 PM

take a chill pill JAMES dont take this so personally man SETTLE

Posted by: rangi at June 5, 2005 06:52 PM

I don't take anything personally as I have a clear conscience. It's those who are part of a nation that is guilty of a long history of crimes that should be ashamed to call themselves "American". Have a look at http://www.mediareviewnet.com/A%20Dossier%20on%20worlds%20number%20one%20rogue%20state.htm

Posted by: James at June 6, 2005 07:20 AM

James-you beleive everything that you hear and read,,, very ignorant and uneducated of you. Im sure you have some skeletons in your closet. America is daddy,, every other countries are just sibblings.., again i ask you,, whose your daddy??

Posted by: ann26 at June 8, 2005 05:40 PM

You people must stop this sh***y whining at each other. I dont hate yanx, or anyone for that matter - but here it is, the 'US government' are f***ing the planet,they are just a front, someone is pulling their strings. Everyone knows that evry sh***y thing on this planet from wars, pollution, injustice, poverty etc is because of MONEY. Some bodies out there, faceless and never seen people run this planet, they do it for money and power, real esate and religion. While stupid ignorant people like us b***h at each other THEY are lauging and colluding. I think its the same people who sell and make the weapons. A good war boosts them to keep on doing what theyre doing. We whinge about the little s*** in our little lives. They want that.Keeps them safe. Use your brains. Think for yourselves. Please. Robbo

Posted by: Robbo at July 5, 2005 02:59 AM

Stop talking. She's guilty. Shut Up Now.

Posted by: matthew henry at December 16, 2005 02:44 AM

This is a funny thing to google every 6 months and see where the b**** is. She is still in the clink! LOL!!!

Posted by: ww at April 23, 2006 06:20 AM

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