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May 19, 2005

The MSM v America: More false accusations

From WorldNetDaily:

Echoing a claim that led to CNN executive Eason Jordan's resignation, the president of the 35,000-member Newspaper Guild asserted U.S. troops deliberately are killing journalists in Iraq.

Linda Foley, speaking Friday in St. Louis, said the American attacks are focused particularly on Arab journalists, according to a tape aired by Sinclair Broadcasting's "The Point," a commentary segment by Mark Hyman.

The remarks came as Newsweek magazine continued to manage fallout for a report in its May 9 edition that sparked protests and rioting across the Muslim world resulting in at least 17 dead, scores injured, relief buildings burned down and a setback to years of coalition-building against terrorists.

It seems the battle lines are being drawn. The Liberal Press and Activist judges joining the ranks of the ACLU and other America hating ilk, against the rest of us. It's getting harder and harder for the lapdog press to pretend they are unbiased, anymore.

Coverage: RW Conspiracy, InTheBullpen

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 19, 2005 08:04 AM

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