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May 30, 2005

Two defeats for Pedophiles for Choice

From LifeNews:

The Texas state Senate gave final approval to legislation that requires abortion facilities to obtain parental consent before performing an abortion on a teenage girl. Current law requires abortion practitioners to tell parents, but they are not legally allowed to prevent their children from having one.
The measure received a 23-7 vote and now heads to Governor Rick Perry, who has pledged to sign it into law. The House previously approved the abortion requirement 117 to 19 on May 16.

"As a mother, I feel very strongly that on any medical procedure performed on one of my minor children, I should be involved and give my consent," said Sen. Jane Nelson, a Republican who promoted the measure Thursday.

The bill also prohibits abortions after 26 weeks of pregnancy unless necessary to prevent the death of the mother or the unborn child has serious brain damage.

Of course after passage the law will have to face the gauntlet of judicial activism.

...meanwhile a little to the north...

A federal judge on Friday ruled that Oklahoma's parental notification on abortion law can stay in effect. The statute, which allows parents to know when their teenager daughters are considering an abortion, received approval from the Oklahoma legislature this month.

Senior U.S. District Judge H. Dale Cook in Tulsa ruled that an abortion facility did not show that the law was unconstitutional or adversely affected the public.

Governor Brad Henry signed the bill into law on May 20 and Judge Cook's ruling allows the law to take effect.

Under the proposal abortion businesses must notify a parent of a minor teen considering an abortion 48 hours before the abortion is scheduled. Similar laws in other states have proven successful in reducing the number of teen abortions by about 30 percent.

Yes, there'll probably be an appeal. The lawsuit was filed by some group calling itself  “The Center for Reproductive Rights” and is working hard to ensure the right of pedophiles to anonymously molest their victims. Fortunately the Supreme Court has already ruled on the basic arguments, but you know those pedophiles, they don't give up very easily.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 30, 2005 10:38 AM

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