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May 03, 2005

Wash Times and Drudge fall for hoax

Ace of Spades quotes a Washington Times article, that's mysteriously disappeared (although it doesn't appear Ace has noticed).

Drudge links to a parody site, while apparently not realizing it was parody. (Drudge seems to have noticed since the link is now gone.)

Drudge now links to a New York Times OpEd that kinda, sorta makes the same claim as the parody, probably because the writers assumes people will want to hear it.

What's the fuss? The claim that Laura Bush's comedy routine was “dirty”. The claim itself is silly, and thus why it was initially made on a parody site, an anti-Christian parody site. But it falls with the typical Liberal “logic” that while they can do all kinds of horribly immoral things, Conservatives are hypocrites if they even look like they might sorta, maybe be doing something that could possibly be misconstrued as “questionable”.

Coverage: Brutally Honest (caught the hoax), Myopic Zeal

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 3, 2005 10:21 AM

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