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May 27, 2005

Yoda comes out...as a Republican

From Jeremy Robb at ChronWatch:

After enduring days of Bush-bashing by George Lucas, Yoda has stepped forward to support President Bush. Unable to bear his creator's comments any longer, the wise and noble Yoda said he is embarrassed and ashamed of the director's ignorance of history and politics.

"Step forward to right a wrong I must," said Yoda. "Good is the president, not evil. Evil is Saddam, and terrorism, and France I say. Embarrassed and ashamed I am of George's misunderstanding of history and politics. Fear I do that he has become an empty-headed limousine liberal. Shame it is. American soldiers and leaders the Federation they are. Terrorists and Communists the evil empire instead. Fortunately, understand this most people do. Take a lightsaber to George Lucas I must. Hmmmm."

A correction was also made by Jabba the Hutt when it was reported he stepped forward in support of George Lucas. While Jabba supports terrorism and evil, the person who stepped forward in support of George Lucas was actually Ted Kennedy and not Jabba. He noted that it was an easy mistake to make but wanted to correct the erroneous report.

Posted by Danny Carlton at May 27, 2005 08:05 AM

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