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June 22, 2005

Ah, the perfect blogging morning (NOT)

So, as usual, my alarm goes off at 3:30am. I got up, fixed breakfast for my wife, and as she ate, checked my email. Fine, but when I tried to start looking for stories to do for the day the pages wouldn't load. I could get nothing. I rebooted the computer, and even unplugged the cable modem, but still no internet.

The next step was to call the cable company. I got as far as saying the language I preferred was English (press 1) when a recorded voice said that there were outages in the area and technicians were working on it.

Okay, as long as someone was working on it.

But but 5:30am it was still down. I called the cable company again. This time no recording and the woman at “tech support” acted as if she knew nothing about any outages. I've discovered that our cable company will lie if it thinks it will put them at an advantage. She started to go through the usual stall tactics of asking me to reboot, etc. but I told I'd already tried that. She said the earliest someone could get out to look at it would be Sunday...SUNDAY!!!

This is Wednesday morning, and they expected me to go without internet access for 5 days?!? She said she'd put me on a waiting list if there were any openings sooner.

But a couple of hours later I realized that I was expecting some important emails, and would lose quite a bit of money if I couldn't contact clients, so I called them back to see if being a pest would make them try harder. Hey, it might work.

This time a recorded voice said customers in Tulsa and surrounding area were not able to get on the internet and technicians were working on it. Well, that sounded better, at least the problem might not take five days. But I still wanted to pester someone. Okay, I also wanted to cancel the repair call if the problem wasn't something with my stuff.  I had to wait about 20 minutes. While I waited I cooked breakfast for my kids, woke them up gave them their meds, all while my cell phone earplug dangled from my ear down to the pocket of my sweats. About midway through the egg-on-toast I got a human being. Fortunately I can cook and talk at the same time.

She acted like she knew nothing about any outages. You'd think that if they made it a policy to lie to customers that they'd at least get their lies straight. She said that the technician would be here sometime between 9am and 9pm but would call first, and if I didn't need him, could cancel it then. When I complained about losing business because I couldn't get on she tried to sell me some business plan, but couldn't explain why it was any better than what I had now other than I'd get a direct phone number to call. Right. I still wouldn't be online, I'd just get the lies fed to me sooner.

About 9am the internet came back on.

All that to say this...cable was out so not much posting today.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 22, 2005 09:11 AM

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