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June 23, 2005

AMA fights to retain doctors' rights to murder their patients

From LifeNews:

The American Medical Associated yesterday adopted a resolution opposing any legislation that would make sure disable and incapacitated patients are not refused lifesaving medical care.
After the starvation and dehydration death of Terri Schiavo, some states are looking at proposals to make sure food and water are not removed from patients who can't make their own medical decisions and have not previously asked that they be deprived such care.

However, the AMA says it will oppose any legislation making that kind of determination.

Many of the doctors attending the group's annual meeting in Chicago said they don't want government to get involved in the doctor-patient relationship, according to an AP article.

Dr. Michael Williams, a Johns Hopkins Hospital neurologist who sponsored the measure, told the Associated Press that, while Terri's "circumstances were heart-wrenching and compelling, they're so rare that they're not a good basis to revise existing law."

You have to remember that a lot of good doctors have left the AMA after it became obvious that they were turning into nothing more than another mouth piece for the Liberal Socialist Elite. What's left are the Socialists, the ambivalent and those wavering on whether they should leave of not. It's no wonder then that they'd come out with such a Nazi-like position.

Nancy Valko, of Nurses for Life and a leading monitor of end-of-life issues, says the need for the legislation the AMA opposes is great because many hospitals are adopting "medical futility policies." She indicates doctors and hospital officials are more quick to give up hope on treating a patient and deny further lifesaving medical treatment.

I think it's about time for people to start critically analyzing whether their doctor belongs to the AMA, and if so, demand to know why.

AMA Coverage: ProLifeBlogs

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 23, 2005 08:49 AM

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In the USA, our Constitution guarentees our right to life......this right should not have to be stated because it is fundamentally understood and protected. Now the AMA says if we want to have life saving measures used we have to specifically state our wish to live.... ??!! So let me get this straight....we have to specifically state our wish to stay alive but it is our right to die that is the status quo...?!? My gut tells me this is a violation of my Constitutional rights.....As a patient I should not have to state anything special to be treated with maximum life saving measures. This is on a fast track to the Suprmem Court...I will be very surprised if it is not! My Gog what is our country coming to ?????

Posted by: JoMarley at June 23, 2005 11:53 AM

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