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June 18, 2005

Baptist homeschoolers push for resolution against government schools

From AgapePress:

Home-schooling families in the Southern Baptist Convention are urging the denomination to vote on a resolution that calls on Baptists to shield their children from homosexual indoctrination in public schools....the Southern Baptist Church and Home Education Association (SBCHEA) is endorsing a resolution submitted by Bruce Shortt and Voddie Baucham that encourages parents to investigate whether homosexuality is being promoted in their local public schools. SBCHEA also is backing a resolution that asks Baptists to pull their children out of public schools and, instead, either home school them or put them in a private, Christian school....

SBCHEA founder Elizabeth Watkins says many home-schooling families realize what public school children are missing spiritually and want to rescue them from that environment. And she says she passionately supports both resolutions because of what she has witnessed in her daughter's life.

"She was in public school until the middle of fifth grade, and she is beginning her tenth-grade year now as a home schooler," Watkins explains. "I can just see the difference in her since I brought her home -- academically, spiritually, her relationships with her family and friends, her confidence. And I can just see the Lord really working in her life."

Watkins also expresses frustration over what she views as a lack of support from the denomination's leadership. SBC leaders, she says, are employing a troubling double-standard by not speaking out on the issue of whether young Christians should be attending public schools.

"What's been surprising to me is that even though publicly the Southern Baptist leadership is not voicing their support, the [children of the] leaders of the [SBC] ... went to public schools," she shares. "But now [the vast majority of] their grandchildren are being home-schooled -- and they want their grandchildren home-schooled."

Watkins believes for mainly financial reasons, SBC leaders are hesitant to speak publicly in favor of home schooling over public schools.

Denomination leaders still use the same, disproven and worn out rationalizations to defend government schools, and continue to block efforts to have the resolution debated.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 18, 2005 08:15 AM

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How many Baptists colleges are there throughout the country? How many graduates of these colleges like me, have treated the public schools as mission fields to reach the lost? How many of us feel that we are being vilified, scorned and deserted by the very denomination that prepared us to teach? Greed is the only motive behind the planned destruction of our public schools. The greed of those wanting to set up their own schools for profit instead of learning.

Posted by: greek shadow at June 18, 2005 11:36 PM

I went to government schools. But now I homeschool my kids.

Treating government schools as a mission field is fine, if you, as an adult, are going. But to send young impressionable kids into such a cauldron of humanist/socialist/anti-Christian instruction is not treating it as a mission field. Would you send you 8-year-old, by himself, to a third world country?

You speak of vilification, then turn right around and vilify those who actually didn't vilify you, but simply want to warn against the evils in government schooling. Seems you have a beam to pick out of your eye.

Posted by: Danny Carlton at June 23, 2005 01:48 PM

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