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June 07, 2005

Boston Globe claims to have Kerry's records

From the Boston Globe:

Senator John F. Kerry, ending at least two years of refusal, has waived privacy restrictions and authorized the release of his full military and medical records.

The records, which the Navy Personnel Command provided to the Globe, are mostly a duplication of what Kerry released during his 2004 campaign for president, including numerous commendations from commanding officers who later criticized Kerry's Vietnam service.

The lack of any substantive new material about Kerry's military career in the documents raises the question of why Kerry refused for so long to waive privacy restrictions. An earlier release of the full record might have helped his campaign because it contains a number of reports lauding his service. Indeed, one of the first actions of the group that came to be known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was to call on Kerry to sign a privacy waiver and release all of his military and medical records....

On May 20, Kerry signed a document called Standard Form 180, authorizing the Navy to send an “undeleted” copy of his “complete military service record and medical record” to the Globe. Asked why he delayed signing the form for so long, Kerry said in a written response: “The call for me to sign a 180 form came from the same partisan operatives who were lying about my record on a daily basis on the Web and in the right-wing media. Even though the media was discrediting them, they continued to lie. I felt strongly that we shouldn't kowtow to them and their attempts to drag their lies out.”

Last I heard Kerry had signed the 180, but hadn't turned it over to the Navy. Nowhere in the article does it say that Kerry actually turned the 180 over to the Navy, just that he signed it. The Boston Globe is a Liberal newspaper that has carried water for democrats for years. My guess is, someone at the Globe simply asked the Navy for Kerry's records, got exactly what they've always given, because they still don't have Kerry's 180, and then they wrote the article, wording it such that people will think that A is connected to B, when they aren't.

Did Kerry turn the 180 over to the Navy, and is what the Boston Globe received, all of the records that exist?

Coverage: WizBang, Captain's Quarters

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 7, 2005 07:35 AM

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"If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em."

The SF 180 is actually a request for "Report of Separation" which document is in the sole custody of the National Personnel Records Center - not the branch in which the veteran served (in this case the Navy). And the character of Kerry's "separation" (discharge) from the Navy is obviously the document(s) to hide.

The SF 180 directs the National Personnel Records Center to release records. What is the Navy doing in the middle of this? The Navy must have been the first directed recipient of the NPRC release in the SF 180 (not the Boston Globe). As a Federal entity, the Navy is then subject to Privacy Laws and any release by them had to be additionally waived by Kerry. He could then easily not waive specific documents for release that he found damaging. What the Boston Globe got was the remainder of whatever the Navy received from NPRC, less what Kerry wished to withold.

A real shell game. Kerry may be stupid, but he as enough money to buy very slick advice.

Posted by: John Boyle at June 7, 2005 09:23 PM

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