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June 16, 2005

Canadian woman exposes the devastation of growing up with a homosexual parent

From AgapePress:

Dawn Stefanowicz is a born-again Christian and mother of two. She wants that committee to know about how it was growing up with a homosexual father -- but so far, the Canadian government has shown no interest in hearing her testimony.

"I have put my name forward. I haven't been called as a witness, so I'm not expecting [that to happen]," Stefanowicz shares. "They're probably looking at me as just one person, [but] they don't realize that there are a number of children already who are growing up or have grown up with a parent who struggles with same-sex attraction."

Stefanowicz says she is fearful that the government will come down hard on anyone who publicly opposes the homosexual lifestyle. "There's a concern that a person or organization that allows something to be shared publicly could be charged with a hate crime," the Ontario resident explains. "And this can even happen within a church, it could happen within a small-group setting, it could happen just through a media interview."

She surmises that is why few Canadians have gone public with any criticism. "I haven't come across a lot [of public statements against homosexuality] in Canada," she says. "It's more in the United States that [people] have come forward and presented their stories publicly."

According to Stefanowicz, the liberal media in Canada has done a "very poor job" of presenting evidence on the influence the homosexual lifestyle has on children. "Scientific data and negative personal experiences related to this issue that are obviously relevant -- they're ignored, they're not discussed," she says.

Notice that as Liberalism grows in Canada, freedom of speech fades.

Posted by Danny Carlton at June 16, 2005 06:59 AM

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