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June 23, 2005

Christian freed from false imprisonment in Egypt

From Compass Direct:

Adopted as an infant, Mahmoud was raised by the Muslim couple, who were alarmed last December to learn that he had converted to Christianity two years earlier. But his father’s angry appeal to local Muslim sheikhs prompted them to issue death threats against the son for committing apostasy.

After his mother asked local state security police to protect her son from being killed, they subjected Mahmoud to an endless round of interrogations and arrests.

Initially, Mahmoud said, he was questioned “in a decent way” in front of a state security officer named Mohammed Amar. He was then transferred to another official who brought two Muslim sheikhs to talk with him, trying to convince him to return to Islam. After eight days’ detention, eating only food that other detainees shared with him, he was sent to the Suez Security Directorate for an investigation that lasted four days.

Then he was released. Because his only Bible had been destroyed, he stopped at an evangelical church on his way home to ask for another copy. “But they were afraid,” Mahmoud said, “and refused to give me a Bible.”

Shortly after he returned home, a messenger was sent to tell him to meet Mohammed Amar again. When the policeman asked why he had gone to the church again, Mahmoud told him he could not stop himself from going there.

From Christianity Today:

"So he started to torture me, to pull off the nails of my toes," Mahmoud said. "Now I'm still not able to wear shoes because of the pain."

This torture continued for a further 18 days, and included stripping him naked and dousing him with ice-cold water over and over.

After 15 days in detention at the Suez police station, he faced charges from his father that he was beaten by his son. The charges were found to be completely false, and the district attorney ordered his release.

After 4 days, police officials took Mahmoud by police car to Cairo's Abbasseya Hospital. However, this institution refused to take him, and so they returned to Suez.

On 10th January, police took him to El-Khanka Hospital where he was accepted and a medical committee to investigate his case was formed.

But his suffering was to continue as "they put me (Mahmoud) in a room without any clothes," Mahmoud recalled. "They filled the room with water, to prevent me from sleeping." During his confinement, he was beaten at times and prescribed heavy medicaments to take two times a day.

After international pressure the Egyptian government has released Mahmoud. Fearing his own family, he contacted Christian friends and went into hiding.

As many Moslem regime, Egypt forbids conversions from Islam, but not conversions to Islam. What does that say about a religion that must use the force of law to keep people from leaving it? What does it say when they must resort to brutal torture to attempt to get someone to convert to it? Most Christians condemn the Inquisition; where are the Moslems condemning the Middle East regimes that torture their citizens into converting to Islam?


An Australian pastor says he'll go to jail rather than apologize for criticizing Islam.

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Posted by Danny Carlton at June 23, 2005 08:44 AM

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